Samsung has just recently announced the upcoming arrival of its latest Galaxy S series, starting with the S21 and the S21 Plus, which are available at $799 and $999, respectively, as well as probably the best phone yet to date, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which retails at $1,199.

Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 Plus S21 Ultra
(Photo : Screengrab from Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus have been unveiled this Thursday.

Announcement of Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus

The announcement was done via their online announcement event, Galaxy Unpacked, which went live on YouTube this Thursday, January 14, 2021.

Although the prices of the devices aren't exactly cheap, the features we get compensate for that, plus, it does come with Samsung's "toughest front glass ever" to ensure you don't just drop your $1000 phone.

The announcement started with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro as well as SmartTags, then came the highlight of the online event: the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21 Plus, which are available for pre-order and will be launching on January 29.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is slightly smaller at 6.2 inches, while the S21 Plus has a 6.7-inch edge-to-edge AMOLED brilliant displays for vibrant colors and vivid viewing experience, with 2400 x 1080p resolutions with a 120Hz refresh rate.

But compared before, the tech giant has also made another leap of faith and developed the device with an adaptive refresh rate from 48Hz to 120Hz.

This feature helps change the refresh rate depending on what you're doing on your phone.

New Display, Camera Settings, and More

Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 Plus S21 Ultra
(Photo : Screengrab from Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus, along with S21 Ultra, will be available on January 29.

The devices also have a stunning, new design, combining the camera shell with the phone's gold frame, which also ensures that the camera lenses are well-protected.

Speaking of lenses, both Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus have three camera lenses, which include a 12MP Ultra-wide lens, a 12MP wide lens, and the 64MP telephoto lens, plus a 10MP front-facing camera that helps you capture any scenery, portrait, or even a photo of your dog.

Both devices have AI support to ensure your photos come out great, especially with its enhanced auto white balance that ensures your natural skin tone will appear in any selfie.

If you have photobombers, you can instantly remove them with

But, perhaps, what's even more amazing is that you can now take 8K videos, which have a higher definition than 4K videos and are much sharper, combined with the Director's View, a feature that allows you to change angles when you are taking videos.

Another amazing feature is the Single Take, which allows users to take both a photo and a video at the same time.

Of course, what's under the hood is as spectacular as what we see outside.

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Better Speed, Energy, Efficiency, and Privacy

The company guarantees the new Galaxy S21 series will have more speed, energy, and efficiency, thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset (which is also available for Galaxy S21 Ultra) 5-nanometer processor for 20% faster CPU, 35% faster GPU, and 2x faster AI.

The devices are available at 8GB RAM with choices for 128GB to 256GB storage capacity.

Moreover, the company wants to ensure that the new series will be their "most private and most powerful yet," so they have included an enhanced security system that can go against even the most advanced hardware attacks known as the Samsung Knox Vault with several features such as the Private Share, where you can choose which date to share with your friends and how long they can see it.

The Galaxy S21 has a 4000mAh battery, while the S21 Plus has 4800mAh, which can help the device last longer, even with 5G.

Gamers will also be overjoyed to know that Samsung will keep its partnership with Microsoft to bring Xbox Game Pass games to the device, plus they are also partnering with Unity and other developers, including Riot Games, Square Enix, and miHoYo.

The tech giant guarantees the device can handle gaming without battery draining and overheating which is common when you play hardcore game titles.

You can now block calls and messages, and the phone reallocates AP and memory, thanks to the new One UI 3 interface.

Unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 Plus S21 Ultra
(Photo : Screengrab from Samsung)
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes in Phantom Black.

Besides the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus, the company has also announced the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is well on its way to becoming the best smartphone as of now, not just within Samsung but in the entire industry.

It is slightly bigger than the S21 Plus at 6.8 inches with the OLED, 3200 x 1440 display with the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, 12GB RAM with up to 512GB of storage capacity, as well as 5000mAh battery that can definitely last you a whole day of use.

It basically has everything the S21 and S21 Plus have, and more.

But what made the S21 Plus is its amazing camera setup, complete with a 12MP Ultra-wide camera, 10x 10MP Telephoto lens, another 3x Telephoto camera, a 108MP wide camera, and a laser Auto-focus sensor.

Basically, you can capture images even at night, when you practically can't see anything, which means you can definitely capture much more stunning images in daytime, with the best lighting.

Most of all, you can now get the best details possible even at 100x Zoom, thanks to its double folded lens, a super resolution AI that makes sure the image is as crisp as possible, and an intelligent zoom lock to avoid shaky images.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra also uses Wacom technology, so it's compatible with S Pen, a first for the Galaxy S series

There are two versions: the S-Pen Standard model that will be available at launch, and the S-Pen Pro that allows you to use Bluetooth actions, which will be available for all Samsung devices that support S-Pen.

The Pro version will be available later on after the launch.

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