Carp Koi Jewelry – Profound Symbolism Blended with Beauty
(Photo : Carp Koi Jewelry )

A delightful Carp Koi ring or pendant is an epitome of beauty and sophistication. At the same time, the portrayal of these Asian fish is not just beautiful, it is also meaningful. When choosing carp koi jewelry, wouldn't you want to know the meaning put in it by a jeweler? And not only a jeweler but also people who have been creating the culture and philosophy of the Far East throughout centuries. This blog is here to help you understand the symbolic significance of animal jewelry featuring carp koi.

What Does Koi Mean?

The word "koi" is of Chinese origin and it refers to all carps without exception. To designate the group of decorative carps, the Japanese use the word Nishiki-goi 錦鯉 (the words koi and goi are interchangeable), which is translated as brocade carp. Brocade is an expensive silk fabric normally embroidered with gold and silver threads. Kimonos for the upper strata of society are crafted from this gorgeous fabric. Apparently, by comprising vibrant scales with brocade, the Japanese emphasize exceptionalism and nobility of koi carps. At the same time, the word koi may refer to Nishiki-e, a unique printing technique that creates patterns by superimposing individual colors with wooden stamps.

Koi in Japanese Culture

The Japanese treat carps with respect. This iconic fish is steeped in mystery and legends. According to one of these legends, the carp was the only creature capable of getting to the top of the impregnable Riumon waterfall (Dragon Gate). After it reached its goal, it turned into a dragon. Since then, Koi-no-Takinobori, the image of a carp ascending a waterfall, has been entrenched in Japanese culture. The fish become a symbol of strength, courage, and success. 

During the celebration of Children's Day on May 5, Japanese families hang Koi-no-bori, multi-colored carp-shaped flags. The number of these flags depends on the number of boys in the family. By doing so, parents wish their sons to grow up healthy and strong, just like wild carps.

Along with that, a carp is also considered to be a samurai fish. Even on a cutting board, a carp shows great dignity, enduring the pain of a knife as befits a samurai.

The beautiful fish boast many other unique meanings. They are an emblem of success, fortune, prosperity, and ambition. Many Japanese businesses have lovely Koi ponds at the entrance to their office buildings. Feng Shui explains that the direction in which Koi swims will greatly affect your wealth and prosperity. A koi that swims against the stream is able to bring good luck to a person who witnesses it.

Love Symbol

In Japan language, Koi is a homophone word - it sounds the same as the word denoting affection and love. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that these vividly-colored fish have become a symbol of the bond between a man and a woman. According to Feng Shui, a pair of koi carps is the personification of mutual love, happy partnership, and blissful marriage. A ring depicting a couple of carps is a meaningful gift for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary. In addition to undeniable beauty, such a gift carries the most important symbolic meaning, it as if says 'you are my love, we are destined to be together from now and forever.

Koi Carp and Dragons

The legend of the Dragon Gate is well-known in Asian cultures - a persistent fish can turn into a dragon if it overcomes all obstacles. Hence, a dragon often accompanies an image of koi in art and jewelry. The Carp and Dragon symbol represents transformation, rebirth, and success you have to fight for. In addition, it stands for the desire to start over as well as find balance and harmony using the philosophy of Yin and Yang. Dragon is a creature of fire and power, while Carp is an element of water and tranquility. A koi and a dragon trapped in an eternal dance show your willingness to acquire harmony between these two seemingly opposite forces.

Carp Koi and Lotus

Both the colorful Carp and the delicate lotus are the epitomes of purity, elegance, and perseverance. A delightfully beautiful lotus grows in disgusting stagnant water, and the persistent Koi overcomes the powerful stream of water erupted by the waterfall.

Who Will Benefit From Carp Koi Jewelry?

The best way to showcase your zodiac sign is sterling silver koi rings! Water element people as well as persons who are influenced by Neptune are known for their willingness to embrace change and work their way to a better life. Similarly, koi carps are highly adaptable, ambitious, and tenacious. As such, koi jewelry is ideal for Pisces. Whichever option you choose, carp body ornaments provide a perfect way to declare that you have a strong spirit and a lot of vigor. 

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