4 Fitness Technology Trends That Will Rule in 2021 According to Hakar Mahmoud
(Photo : Hakar Mahmoud)

Getting in shape is not just about how many hours you spend at the gym anymore. It is also about your average heart rate, the time you take to complete your rounds, and the calories you burn while working out. This is where fitness meets technology. Hakar Mahmoud, the celebrity fitness influencer from Sweden, believes that technology is transforming the fitness industry for good. He even points out four fitness technology trends that will dominate 2021.

1. Wearable technology

While wearable technology has been around for some time now, Hakar thinks it will continue to become the first priority among fitness freaks. These devices can track tons of things like your BMI, heart rate, speed, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Imagine your smartwatch telling you how much more you need to work out to achieve your fitness goal for the day. Hakar suggests his clients use wearable technology because it gives people accurate data about their fitness goals.

2. Drones

It may seem surprising to find the connection between drones and fitness, but Hakar believes they will emerge as one of the most popular fitness technologies in 2021. In fact, he uses drones in his gym to capture a 360-degree view of his training programs and client performances. It helps him review and tweak his fitness programs according to the ability of his clients. 

Hakar is a digital marketer, and he uses this piece of technology to show his potential clients what they can expect if they hire him as their personal trainer. Similarly, fitness enthusiasts will benefit from drones because they can now review their training sessions and improve their weaknesses.

3. Smart gym equipment

Most fitness enthusiasts now prefer going to gyms where there are machines with which they can connect their fit-tech gadgets. The latest generation of fitness machines comes with Bluetooth connectivity in treadmills, step machines, and spin cycles. 

Once you connect your fit-tech gadget to these machines, you can check a plethora of vital information like a heartbeat, RPM, distance covered, calories burned, BMI, and the remaining distance of exercise sessions you need to complete to achieve your fitness goals. According to Hakar, it pushes you to work harder and get in shape instead of working out aimlessly.

4. Gamification

This is still a new concept but has the potential to become the leading fitness technology of 2021. Gamification pits you against others in the gym. Suppose you are not content with how much you work out. You want to compete with your friends at the gym. Gadgets and apps like Fitocracy, Zombie-Run, and Fitbit are the best examples of technology that can push you to the next level to compete with your gym buddies. Whether you want to run a few miles more or cycle an hour longer, these apps will keep you up to speed with your competitors.

Which technology impressed you the most so far? Hakar Mahmoud thinks all of them, sooner or later, will make it big in the fitness industry. It's only a matter of time before these start becoming more mainstream.

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