Google Tests Security Options to Phase Out Cookies Used to Get User Info for Target Ads
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Google Tests Security Options to Phase Out Cookies Used to Get User Info for Target Ads

Google's very own privacy practices have been the subject of major scrutiny for quite a while, especially when it comes to how the platform or browser handles the use of cookies and targeted ads all around the web. The options being explored by Google directly relate to how they are going to make themselves safer for their users.

Google Privacy Sandbox

According to the story reported by AndroidCentral, the company still maintains that it is on the same side as their users and that they are working hard to improve how they will be able to handle user browsing data. It was first announced some time last year that Google's very own Privacy Sandbox actually shows just how the company is taking certain steps into not just addressing the privacy of users, but the company is also working along with some others in order to make this happen.

As mentioned in a Google blog post, the company's own Privacy Sandbox is quite essentially just a set of rules aimed to help out the company phase out their cookies, which are known to collect an individual user's own browsing data to be used later on by ads targeted directly at certain users who look for certain things. One particular new method will ultimately bring people together for a certain ad-based targeting that is generally built on their similar interests and would even "hide" individual users through the use of on-device processing which is meant to keep their own browsing data safe.

Google: Federated Learning of Cohorts

The proposal was then dubbed as FLoC, or Federated Learning of Cohorts on GitHub, which now explores certain ways in which a particular browser can group people together that have similar browsing habits. This would then allow ad tech companies to simply observe the habits of a seemingly large group of people instead of having to actively target individuals.

In Google's own testing, this particular approach is known to be nearly as effective as certain web-based cookies. The data shows that this particular method is at least 95% of the total conversions per dollar that is spent whenever compared to certain cookie-based advertising, and the hopes to finally start the public testing might roll out as early as March. However, it is just one of the many proposed ways that Google plans to address the overwhelming user privacy problems.

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Google is tackling privacy issues

Google now sees the official Privacy Sandbox as the current best way in order to achieve this in particular while going with a collaborative approach instead of actually trying to take on all of the issues on their own. When it comes to Google's own ads teams, the Privacy Sandbox technologies are said to represent the future of just how ads and other measurement products will be working on the web.

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