SpaceX's rocket would be used by Axiom Space for the world's first commercial private crew flight on January 2022, bound for the International Space Station, and each person paid a whopping $55 million for their seat. The company has been gearing up for its commercial flight program, which opens its doors to anyone who can afford a seat towards space.

SpaceX Crew Dragon
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People have now turned to the most exotic and out-of-this-world getaway experience of a lifetime, and that is going to the International Space Station, and looking forward to research and study above the Earth's atmosphere. The trip is already arranged and bound for ISS in January 2022, with a former NASA astronaut heading the voyage. 

Optimistically, experts believe that the current fee that costs millions of dollars would soon reduce to several hundreds of dollars in the coming years for all commercial space travels, as it gathers more people to avail. 

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Axiom Space and SpaceX: Flying the First Three Private Crew in 2022

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According to the Associated Press, Axiom Space has appointed Michael Lopez-Alegria, a former NASA astronaut who was known for his countless missions and a trip to the ISS would captain the ship's private crew. The reason for the flight is because these three people have been wanting a new experience, and their chosen destination is space. 

Private space companies have now moved from creating spacecraft and unmanned space missions to opening their commercial space program to anyone who can afford and take up the rigorous conditions of space. The first private crew with Axiom Space would be spending eight days at the space station and would be conducting scientific research of their own. 

They would be utilizing the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft that seats four people, one for its captain astronaut, and the three others for the private crew passengers. The SpaceX rocket and Axiom Space mission would be departing from Cape Canaveral come next January. 

Who are the Three Private Crew Passengers?

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According to Global News CA, Axiom Space has received bids and payment for the program from Larry Connor who is a real estate and technology entrepreneur from Dayton, Ohio. He is joined by Mark Pathy, a Canadian financer in the profession, and Eytan Stibbe, an Israeli businessman, who is also known for his close friendship with the late Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut. 

These people would be performing educational outreach in space, apart from their scientific research, that is said to be a contributing factor for the development of their communities, says chief executive and president, Mike Suffredini. Axiom's chief is also known as the former program manager in the International Space Station from NASA. 

The team is dubbed as the "Collection of Pioneers" by Lopez-Alegria, as they will make history as the first private crew to head to the International Space Station. While Tom Cruise's rumored ISS trip with Doug Liman to shoot a film is still set, Axiom Space's mission in 2022 would be making history and starting the commercial flights. 

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