Apple has released a developer's version of its native web browser, the Safari Technology Preview, with the release 119, available for everyone to download and beta test for all the latest features that it brings. The latest Apple internet and web browser technology would be included in release 119, alongside the latest version of Safari.

Safari Technology Preview
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Web browsers have more than what meets the eye and is perceived of it, as it brings different features for the computers, especially with Apple and the macOS and iOS's Safari web browser. Notably, the macOS Big Sur's release brought several of Safari's latest offers and technology for web browsing, inviting people to use the Apple-made browser more. 

Apple Safari Technology Preview Release 119 Notes: What's New?

Apple's developer website unveiled the release notes of the latest experimental version of the popular web browser that is native and special for Apple products. These notes entail what is new to the Safari, particularly the different features and functions that they want to let people test or experience before releasing to the public its final version.

Safari's New Privacy Report: How to View It in macOS Big Sur
(Photo : Apple)
Safari's New Privacy Report: How to View It in macOS Big Sur

Web Inspector

  • Elements
    • Enabled independent Styles details sidebar panel in the Elements Tab by default (r271319)
    • Improved the visibility of values by de-emphasizing range information in the Font details sidebar panel (r271329)
  • Timelines
    • Added a banner to the JavaScript Allocation timeline when new heap snapshots are added that are immediately filtered (r271236)

Speech Recognition

  • Enabled SpeechRecognition by default (r270854)
  • Added webkit- prefix to SpeechRecognition (r270868)
  • Added availability check of speech recognition service before requesting permissions (r271031)
  • Changed to fail speech recognition when the page is muted for audio capture (r271154)
  • Implemented recognizer for SpeechRecognition (r270772)
  • Stopped speech recognition if page becomes invisible (r271169r271205)

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  • Added support for aspect-ratio on positioned elements (r271061)
  • Changed to take aspect-ratio into account for percentage resolution (r271293)
  • Fixed an issue where toggling pointer-events on prevented child elements from scrolling (r270849)
  • Fixed CSS Scroll Snap when the user scrolls via the keyboard (r270838)
  • Fixed :focus to match inside the focus event (r271146)
  • Fixed the default namespace getting ignored inside non-type selectors for :is() and :not() (r270955)
  • Fixed width: max-content with box-sizing: border-box to leave space for padding (r271003)
  • Implemented ::file-selector-button pseudo-element (r270784)
  • Prevented layout overflow from being computed incorrectly inside Flexbox and breaking sticky positioning (r271053)


  • Fixed scrolling issues when scrolling on only one axis is enabled (r271090)
  • Sibling element wheel event regions can be wrong (r271054)


  • Fixed non-enumerable property to shadow inherited enumerable property from for-in (r270874)
  • Fixed Intl.DateTimeFormat#formatRange to generate the same output to Intl.DateTimeFormat#format if startDate and endDate are "practically-equal" (r271224)
  • Implemented arbitrary-module-namespace-identifier-names (r270923)
  • Improved performance of Object rest and spread (r271343)


  • Used low-power audio buffer sizes for more output devices (r270943)
  • Updated the video element to ignore requests to enter or exit fullscreen before the current fullscreen mode change is completed (r271341)


  • Added support for memory.copy, memory.init, and data.drop behind flag (r270948)
  • Added support for memory.fill behind flag (r270855)
  • Added support for type-annotated select behind flag (r270827)
  • Updated WebAssembly instance's exports object (r271112)
  • Updated WebAssembly multi-value to iterate iterable result from JS function first before converting values (r271113)
  • Updated WebAssembly Table/Memory/Global to allow inheritance (r271115)
  • Implemented WebAssembly BigInt handling (r271168)

Web Animations

  • Fixed animation issue on sibling elements caused by style sharing (r270837)


  • Fixed aria-orientation getting ignored on input[type="range"] (r271166)
  • Implemented prefers-contrast: more (r270823)
  • Updated list heuristics to include linked lists inside navigation containers (r270896)


  • Adjusted date input placeholder color based on specified text color (r270875)
  • Corrected the intrinsic size stored for SVG images (r271129)
  • Fixed "Open with Preview" menu item in PDF context menus on Big Sur (r270946)
  • Fixed some issues with PDFs as object (r270998
  • Fixed Service Worker inspection (r271294)
  • Changed text fields to not be translated while typing (r271262)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed text content alignment inside an inline-block element (r271284)
  • Fixed inline-block baseline with clipped overflow (r271348)

Apple's Safari Technology Preview 119: How to Download

Apple has the Safari Technology Preview release 119 available for download and beta testing on its developer website.

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