Facebook Might File Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Apple After iOS Update Could Hurt Facebook's Ad-Tracking Business and Tim Cook's Statement
(Photo : Screenshot From CPDPConferences YouTube) Facebook Might File Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Apple After iOS Update Could Hurt Facebook's Ad-Tracking Business and Tim Cook's Statement

The popular social network might be alleging that Apple is abusing its power through the use of App Store rules as the feud continues between Facebook and Apple. Facebook might be filing an antitrust lawsuit directly against Apple. Tim Cook had just recently delivered a statement in a long keynote on YouTube

Facebook Apple iOS 14 issue: hurting the social media company

According to the report of The Information on Thursday, Facebook might say that Apple is forcing outside developers to stick to particular rules that even their very own apps do not reportedly follow. The report then cites certain anonymous sources as well as notes that Facebook might ultimately opt against filing the lawsuit.

The story by CNet notes the companies have all been engaged in a particular public feud over certain privacy changes which the iPhone maker's company added to their iOS. The App Tracking Transparency feature would then require people to opt in to certain apps collecting their data instead of what is happening now where users would have to opt out.

Facebook ads monetization

Facebook, which reportedly makes a lot of money from ads, view's Apple's recent changes as an attack directly on personalized advertising. According to the company spokesperson's statement, as they have repeated, they believe that Apple is now behaving anti-competitively through the use of its control of the App Store in order to benefit their very own bottom line at the expense of other app developers and other small businesses.

Facebook has reported its own Q4 earnings this Wednesday and their CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also acknowledged in a certain post that the company now sees Apple as one of its very own "biggest competitors." He then wrote that Apple now has all the incentives to use their dominant platform position in order to interfere along with how their apps and the other apps work. This is what they do regularly in order to preference their own.

It was also noted that this move impacts the growth of around millions of businesses all around the world and this includes those with their upcoming iOS 14 changes. They stated that this could mean that small businesses would no longer be able to directly reach their target customers with the use of targeted ads.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook CPDC Conference

According to an article by Engadget, in a wide-ranging keynote that was delivered online at the 2021 Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection conference just recently, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple had called for greater scrutiny of certain businesses that are "built on misleading users" through the process of data exploitation.

He then noted that the fact is that there is an interconnected ecosystem made of companies and data brokers of certain purveyors of fake news as well as peddlers of this division. It was then noted that of trackers and hucksters all looking to make a quick buck, it is now more present in their lives compared to how it has ever been.


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