There are tons of weapons available on "Cyberpunk 2077," but one of most unique ones you'll get is Skippy, a talking pistol that will comment on your shots and your skills with the gun, plus, you also get to choose from its two available modes upon finding it: the Stone Cold Killer and the Puppy Pacifist.

There's also the whole situation with the "Machine Gun" mission, where you have the option to return Skippy to Regina--but should you?

Cyberpunk 2077 skippy explained
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Skippy is a talking pistol you'll find in "Cyberpunk 2077."

'Cyberpunk 2077' Skippy Location

If you haven't found Skippy yet, you'll definitely want to.

According to GamesRadar, "Cyberpunk 2077" players can find the talking pistol on a random corpse in an alleyway at Night City's Vista Del Rey suburb, which is located on the east side of Heywood.

If you still find it hard to locate, it should be marked on the map as an undiscovered location, south of College St fast travel point, and once you're there, turn south and cross the street, where you'll see Saeko's, the blue-grey building with the massive metal pillars at the front.

Before reaching the building, you'll see some graffiti on a red wall at the alleyway, and once you see that, jump over the gate and find the corpse and Skippy.

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Stone Cold Killer or Puppy Pacifist?

After picking up the pistol, it will introduce itself to you. Just talk to the little guy and maybe ask it if he really is Skippy or if you can change its name, but ultimately, you'll be asked to choose between the Stone Cold Killer and Puppy Pacifist modes.

So, what's the difference, you ask?

If you choose Stone Cold Killer, you'll only get headshots, while if you choose Puppy Pacifist, you'll only shoot enemies in the legs--and with that, the obvious choice is Stone Cold Killer

However, there's a catch: after dealing 50 kills with Skippy, it would change to the other mode, and it's irreversible, so if you want to permanently use Stone Cold Killer, be sure you choose the Puppy Pacifist mode the first time and kill 50 enemies, so it would change to the mode you've been wanting and use it to wreak havoc across Night City.

The 'Machine Gun' Side Mission

After having Skippy for a few days, it would lead you to the "Machine Gun" side mission, where you have to find its owner, Regina.

"Cyberpunk 2077" fans would definitely know Regina as the NCPD fixer as you have most definitely talked to her several times in the past, so you should also know where she is, but if not, she's located in the building adjacent of Lizzie's Club.

Once you meet her, you then have the option to either hand Skippy to Regina or hold onto the talking gun.

So, what's the best choice?

If you do hand Skippy to Regina, the "Cyberpunk 2077" side mission will be completed, and you get 7k in cash.

If Skippy is stuck in the Puppy Pacifist mode, then this choice might be the best one since the pistol is basically useless, but if you were able to lock it in the Stone Cold Killer mode, you'll most definitely want to hang onto it as it's one of the most powerful "Cyberpunk 2077" weapons you'll get.

Then again, the choice is up to you.

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