(Photo : Youtube/ Le Huffington Post) TikTok great-grandma Amy Hawkins

TikTok has a new singing sensation, a 110-year-old great-grandmother named Amy Hawkins is officially the oldest woman in Wales, UK after she celebrated her birthday on January 24, 2021.

TikTok sensation Amy Hawkins

Hawkins celebrated her birthday by singing her favorite song, "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" by John McCormack.

A short clip of Hawkins singing the famous wartime song attracted thousands of views on the social media app TikTok after the adorable clip was posted by her great-grandson Sacha Freeman.

Hannah Freeman, Sacha's mother, said that they are happy to see how popular Hawkins is on the app and how her songs are a hit on TikTok.

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Freeman told Evening Standard that they thought that by putting clips on the internet that they could spread a little bit of happiness to those who have not seen their family members in a long time due to the coronavirus lockdown, and to those who have lost their loved ones.

Freeman added that even though Hawkins is 110-years-old, and she is considered as the oldest person in Wales right now, she still has a sharp memory and that she can still do a high kick. She said that Hawkins is not phased by the sudden fame and she does know that over 100,000 people have seen her singing and that they adore her.

Freeman added that her grandmother has always enjoyed music and she has taught her favorite wartime songs to each generation in her family, and most recently to Sacha and Mabli, Freeman's niece.

In another adorable clip that is called "Vibing with my 110-year-old grandma", Hawkins dances with Sacha to the song "Hot in Here" by rapper Nelly.

The family said that she was an entertainer and a performer who travelled around the country as part of a dance group. Hawkins now lives in Monmouthsire, South Wales, with four generations of her family.

Hawkins was interviewed by the South Wales and Argus and she said that she does not feel older and that she can still do chair-dancing.

TikTok sensation

Hawkins is not the only senior citizen that is loved by the TikTok teens and adults, there are also other senior citizens that are making waves online with their heart-warming routines and hilarious videos, as reported by AARP.

One of them is 81-year-old Steve Austin, who went viral in 2020. Dubbed as "Old Man Steve" by his fans, Austin now has 640,000 followers and 6.5 million likes on the platform. It is shown that 80% of his users are between the ages of 16-34 years old. His cooking videos show off his sense of humor and his positive attitude.

Austin said that he could not make videos of himself dancing and jumping around like other TIkTok users. So what he does is that he spreads messages about self-love and happiness. Many of his followers said that his words have been a positive influence in their lives.

Austin said that the comments that he gets makes him feel good and that his advice are taken to heart. He said he lives alone, so he feels the love that he is getting from his followers and it makes him feel less alone.

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