10,000 Motorola Edge S 5G Handsets Sell Out in Just 2 Mins: Specs, Price, and More
(Photo : Screenshot From Black MOB YouTube) 10,000 Motorola Edge S 5G Handsets Sell Out in Just 2 Mins: Specs, Price, and More

Just last week, Motorola had launched its new hot phone, the Motorola Edge S over in China through a flash sale. The phone was sporting different designs compared to the Edge and the Edge + flagship phones some time last year. Were the specs behind the reason that the phone sold out so fast or could there be another reason why the phone sold out so fast?

Motorola Edge S specs

The device is reportedly equipped with a decent 6.7-inch LCD display along with a whopping 1080 x 2520 resolution. The phone reportedly produces a slim, tall, and even thin 21:9 aspect ratio as well as the screen refreshes 90 times a second or basically 90Hz for users to experience smooth scrolling as well as animation.

Underneath the hood of the Motorola Edge S 5G phones is a pretty sleek Snapdragon 870 which could be a little bit more powerful compared to the Snapdragon 865+ back in 2020. This story was first reported by PhoneArena that focused on just how fast the phone was able to sell!

Motorola Edge S price

There are now three different configurations for users to choose from namely the 6GB of memory along with 128GB storage which is priced at $309, another 8GB of memory along with 128GB storage which is priced at $371, and the last 8GB of memory along with 256GB of storage which is priced at $432.

Motorola Edge S camera

Users will be able to find four different sensors which include a 64MP primary shooter, another 16MP ultra-wide-angle camera, another 2MP depth module, and also a Time of Flight or ToF sensor. The reported front-facing cameras actually feature an 8MP snapper along with a 16MP ultra wide-angle camera.

The phone runs on a 5000mAh battery and also keeps the charging quite light at 20W. The phone, however, includes a unique feature which would allow the device to monitor a certain user's heart rate through scanning their facial blood vessels.

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Motorola Edge S turns Motorola G100

The reported Motorola Edge S was previously offered in both Silver and in Blue some time last week in China through the speedy flash sale. On the official Weibo site, Motorola had announced that it had sold out an entire batch of a whopping 10,000 units and that everything was gone in only just two minutes. To quantify things even more, this means that 83 units could have been sold per second!

Before the end of this current quarter in 2021, Motorola is actually expected to be releasing this particular handset in other markets around the world where it will then be renamed. The smartphone, although the same thing, will be called the new Motorola G100 as opposed to the previous Motorola Edge S. The rename of Motorola Edge S to the Motorola G100 would break it out from holding the "Edge" in its name.

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