GameStop promotion leaks have surfaced and would offer a free Shiny Toxtricity for gamers of the "Pokemon Sword and Shield" for the Nintendo Switch platform, in the United States and Canada regions. However, the catch is that it is not yet known whether GameStop would make the QR code available online, but is said to be received by several players online.

Shiny Toxtricity
(Photo : Reddit via u/kurosa_t19)

Free things in life are limited, unique, and exciting, with GameStop soon offering a widely-distributed QR code that can be used by anyone to get their hands on a special Shiny Pokemon for the Nintendo title. The popular open-world action role-playing game (RPG) developed by Game Freak and Nintendo, "Pokemon Sword and Shield," is rumored to feature Toxtricity from Generation VIII.

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GameStop Shiny Toxtricity: How to Get One, Release Date, etc.

According to Redditor u/VGCToast's uploaded photo, an advertisement made by GameStop shows a poster that details Shiny Toxtricity's availability in the game and for everyone. Its release date would start in the next, next weekend, February 19, where players would either receive or locate a QR code that contains the activation code to unlock the Pokemon.

Shiny Toxtricity
(Photo : Reddit via u/VGCToast)

The leak says that players need to scan this QR code with the Pokemon Pass scanner to get the Shiny Electric and Poison-type Pokemon, a.k.a. Shiny Toxtricity, from the game. The Shiny Pokemon would both be available on the Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield versions of the game for the Nintendo Switch. 

The poster also details that this comes as a free Pokemon for all gamers, as no purchases are required to receive and unlock Shiny Toxtricity come February 19. Moreover, even if the QR code was only revealed through physical posters, which would be a hassle during this pandemic, a snap of that code can be used by everyone, as it circulates the web.

Is Shiny Toxtricity Under Shining Fates expansion for Pokemon's 25 years?

According to Comicbook Gaming, the Feb. 19 launch date of Shiny Toxtricity coincides with the 25th anniversary mark of the Pokemon franchise, joining the "Shining Fates" expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card game. Here, the expansion will bring 120 new Shiny Pokemon in the card game, which brings another round of exclusive characters in the cards.

Pokemon Trading Cards sells for $408,000
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A sealed box of First Edition Pokemon Trading Cards have been auctioned for a fortune.

The Shining Fates expansion is one of the most exclusive releases of Pokemon's Trading Card game that would only feature special box bundles and sets up for grabs. The Shinies would not be available in individual booster packs, making the game one of the highest demanded releases of the year. 

On the other hand, several video games from the company are soon to join and celebrate Pokemon's 25th anniversary with the arrival of "Pokemon SNAP" in April. Moreover, "Pokemon UNITE" is also set to debut later this year, bringing another game for the Nintendo Switch. 

Shiny Toxtricity would headline the 25th year celebration for "Pokemon Sword and Shield," which would soon be joined by a possible "Diamond and Pearl" remake. 

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