"Fortnite" leaks have suggested that the game would soon debut a new skin that is one of its most massive yet, with DC Superhero "The Flash" soon joining the battle royale along with a Cup that makes it up for grabs. The battle royale has been showcasing superheroes lately, with Season 4's Marvel collaboration, now looking over to DC Comics.

The Flash Fortnite
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The popular battle royale action shooter game, "Fortnite," would soon be debuting one of DC Comics' and pop culture's most popular superhero there is, and it is the speedster "The Flash" in his scarlet suit. While the skin would not feature the lightning fast ability of the speedster, it would still capture the best and unique features of him.

'The Flash' Mid-Season Finale Closes the Bloodwork Arc in 'One of the Best Episodes' of the Show
(Photo : The Flash/Facebook)
'The Flash' Mid-Season Finale Closes the Bloodwork Arc in 'One of the Best Episodes' of the Show

It seems like the Barry Allen version of The Flash is coming to "Fortnite" as Epic Games secured another character from CW's hit television series characters from DC. Initially, Epic was able to secure CW's "The Green Arrow" version that was played by Stephen Amell in the live-action adaptation of the superhero, and now securing "The Flash."

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'Fortnite' The Flash Skin, Cup: Release Date, and How to Get it

According to HypeX's leak first publicized on Twitter (@HYPEX) before Epic Games would allow The Flash's skin to be sold on the items shop, it would first hold a Cup in "Fortnite" that would invite players to compete. This cup would ensure that gamers would have a chance to get the new skin for free, provided that challenges and tasks are met.


How to Get 'The Flash'

While there are no specific challenges or tasks are released by Epic Games and discovered by leakers, HypeX said that it would hold the event on February 10 and would be in the "Duo" battle mode in Fortnite. Those were all there is to it, and the leaker has not said revealed anything more than that, especially the other requirements of the game.

Moreover, the level of difficulty for "The Flash's" free skin is not revealed but gamers should anticipate that it would be a challenging event, just like the previous Cups and free skins that were up for grabs. The Flash would be the tenth character from DC Comics to debut in the hit battle royale game, soon to be completing the "Justice League."

According to PC Gamer, the previous challenges of the game have awarded the top 100 players of every region with the special skins that were fought over, in the game's past cups and competitions. However, it is still unknown as Epic Games and "Fortnite" are yet to make a reveal and announcement of the Cup's provisions and mechanics.

'Fortnite' Superhero Collaborations and Skins

Fortnite Marvel
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In "Fortnite's" Season 4 last 2020, the Marvel collaboration almost completed the classic lineup of the Avengers, a.k.a "the Earth's Mightiest Heroes," with an extensive stay of almost six months in the game.

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