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"Desitiny 2: Season of the Chosen" Comes with Exciting new exotics, weapons, and power caps as players are back in a war with the great Cabal. In this season, players will need to defeat the enemy and face off against the daughter of Calus while protecting the Vanguard. Zavaka will be tasked to have a treaty with the Empire. 

'Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen' Newest Additions

Moreover, new mechanics and activities will be introduced which includes the Battleground and the H.E.L.M. The new patch also brings back the Umbral Decoding. 

New Exotics are expected in this new season. However, according to Polygon, there are refreshments to be expected now, as "Destiny" is being brought back on the Strike playlist. In the later course of the "Season of the Chosen", strikes will have a new Guardians version. The main quest of the game called "A Challenger Rises" will have to be ventured into by the players in order to succeed in the other challenges of the game.

'Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen' Patch Update


As Shack News notes, a new Season Pass Exotic will be coming as a flaming bow otherwise known as Ticuu's Divination to the game. It will be attacking enemies through fires and will be tracking them with bolts. The flaming bow has a similar power and function with that of the Exotic bow also known as the Trinity Ghoul. Other than that, there are no news yet on the list of exotics this season.

An exotic quest in the later part of the game will lead you to a new Tex Mechanica, although there is no schedule yet as to when that will be opened.

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New exotic armor pieces will have to be hunted down in the game. In order to catch tehse, you need to solo though high difficulty lost sectors in the game.

A few patch notes have been released with regards to the Armor changes in the game. The Aeon Cult Arms Exotic Armor pieces have been restructured for the three classes and are available as perks based on your role during teamwork. Moreover, the cost of Deep Stone Crypt raid mods has decreased. The issue with the Dreambane armor not being able to drop past the 1050 power has been fixed with the latest season change.

Power Cap

A new max power cap as well as a new perk pool has been given to the Vouchsafe, Retold Tale, Sleepless, and the Waking Vigil weapons. All three altars of sorrow weapons that include the Blasphemer, Apostate, and heretic as well as the Dreambane armor set has also been given a new max power cap

The setting has been changed for the Dreaming city weapons as reaching the max power cap means not being able to drop again. The same is true for the Shattered Throne chests on the Dungeons.

For the official patch of the Destiny 2 Update 3.10, check out their published patch details on Bungie Net.

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