"Genshin Impact's" minigame Theater Mechanicus lets you get addicted to tower defense events. Along with the Lantern Festival, the open-world role-playing game will again embark on an exciting journey for those who want to test something new about it. For today, let's discuss the best tower upgrades and their possible better options at the moment.

Theater Mechanicus Best Tower Upgrades and Better Options

For the Theater Mechanicus event, just head to the "Genshin Impact" armory page. From there, peruse everywhere so you can look over several towers, which are also called Veneficus Mechanicus. At the moment, there are only five towers that are available but don't worry as the remaining ones will be added in the next few days.

Do Not forget that Veneficus Sigils are required to upgrade a tower. The cost of it will increase as you advance. The tower descriptions are provided by Games Predator.

1.Tidal Flats (hydraulic condition and damage)

  • Base Effect - AoE attack (small scale)
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Greater AoE
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5- Now generates fog bubbles that can imprison opponents

2. Spark (Pyro status and damage)

  • Base Effect - Blasts fireballs that inflict AoE damage (small scale)
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Greater AoE
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - Flames now deal damage to the approaching enemies

3. Thin Ice (Cryo damage and status)

  • Base Effect- Launches an ice attack
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Frost bullets now decrease enemies' speed
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - Frost bullets now deal AoE damage

4. Thunderstrike (Electro and State)

  • Base effect - Only hits an enemy with thunderbolts
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Now attacks three enemies at a time
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - Now hits approaching enemy from time to time

5. Recovery mark I (construction points)

  • Base effect - Heal building points when you kill enemies around the tower (small AoE)
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Heal building points within a larger scale
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - Increases healing of building points

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6. Burst (Anemo status and damage) will be available on February 11

  • Base effect - Focus can be adjusted so you can have the option of what enemy to shoot
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Improved recoil distance
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - Now pulls in enemies while charging

7. Longbow (physical damage) Reach Holiday Fever stage "Guests from afar" to Unlock

  • Base effect - Fires arrows from time to time
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Super effective on Geo
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - Bolts acquire search capabilities

8. Wish (tower buffer) Reach Holiday Fever stage "Guests from afar" to Unlock

  • Base effect - Boost the towers' attack (small AoE) surrounding it. (Effect does not stack with other towers)
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Greater AoE for profit (This is a level 2 update)
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - Can be layered with other Mysticus Mechanici's effects (This is a level 3 update)

9. Ambush Mine (Pyro Damage and Status) Unlocks on February 12

  • Base effect - Fires AoE Pyro damage
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - Reduces the construction points needed for building
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - Triggers explosion when an enemy is killed with an Ambush Mine

10. Portal of Wonders (teleportation) Reach Holiday Fever stage "Blaze of a Thousand Lanterns" to Unlock

  • Base effect- Can be used for teleportation (Two can be built on the map)
  • Upgrade on Lvl 3 - N/A
  • Upgrade on Lvl 5 - N/A

Final Verdict so Far

For now, Tidal Flats is the best candidate for the tower upgrade. Besides its decent AoE scope, pairing it with an Ice-attribute character can make your duties easier. Moreover, you can also use a Hydro character along with the Thin Ice Tower so you can maximize the freezing effect.

Upgrading Pyro Mechanicus as early as possible is also good since its decent damage will take down enemies faster, as per GamesWith's recommendation. But, its animation should see a development in the upcoming updates so it would be quicker than before.

For further updates about the towers, visit miHoYo's official website here.

'Genshin Impact' Nendoroids Revealed!

Good Smile tweeted that they will be making "Genshin Impact" Nendoroids. Only two figures are confirmed at the moment: Lumine and Aether, the Traveller.

The Nendoroids will be possibly released before 2021 ends.

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