'Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy' Could Hint The Launch Date of the Game: WB Games
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/PlayStation) Harry Potter Game soon to come after the new Hogwarts Legacy update?

The "Harry Potter" game might soon come in gaming consoles after a new update from the Hogwarts Legacy? Is it now the time for the game's most awaited release?

'Harry Potter' Could Be Released At a Later Date

Soon, the mystic game full of sorceries and magic will now invade PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series Consoles, and even PC. Warner Brother (WB) Games hinted that the "Hogwarts Legacy" update will likely follow up for the series game. According to the game publisher, he is looking for an Associate Manager who will be the one to market the upcoming blockbuster game as soon as possible.

Last month, "Hogwarts Legacy" was reportedly making progress for this year's launch. It was on January 13 when the announcement was made. However, the report said that the game will now be released next year.

Meanwhile, it was also said that the game could be launched in an earlier month in 2022, or it could be scheduled in the last months. The speculation, however, seemed to be overshadowed by the company's announcement.

Comic Book reported that James Sigfield of GWW noted that the Submission specialist who they are seeking will be assigned for the marketing of "Gotham Knights" besides "Harry Potter."

The job listing could be a bridge to the continuous postponement of "Hogwarts Legacy" since the management is now gearing to advertise the title. This does not mean that it was already confirmed by the job openings but based on it, we could surmise the need of the company for the specialists immediately.

Even though people seemed to be delighted for the upcoming "Harry Potter" game release, WB games have not yet left any response about this. The company remained silent on any possible speculations. Meanwhile, "Hogwarts Legacy" could have been launched earlier if the job listings will be the basis of the company's marketing strategy.

'Hogwarts Legacy' Game Bits

Based on the books of the famed "Harry Potter" series books, "Hogwarts Legacy" is an interactive, open-world RPG that will lead you to venture into the mysteries looming in the outskirts and corners of Hogwarts. You will play as a wizard who will be traversing different locations where you can encounter friends and even enemies like fantastic beasts, according to the official page of the game.

From there, you can dive deeper to learn about spells, potion crafting, and several items/skills upgrade. Even so, you can customize your own character who will later enter the majestic doors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Regarding the creator's involvement in the production of the game, WB Games said that J.K. Rowling is not involved. Yet, the company appreciated that Rowling's masterpiece serves as this game's foundation. WB Games continued that this is not a new story from the British author.

Furthermore, the game will not adapt to what happened to the films or the books, so this is an original concept for the game. The developers, however, will see to it that Rowling will still be honored through fresh content that will engage the players in Hogwarts.

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