Bungie has apologized to the public, especially to the "Destiny 2" players, for including a common phrase used in Nazi slogans. 

Bungie Asks for Public's Forgiveness

According to Comicbook, the phrase "Blood and Honor," which appears as one of the weekly challenges for "Destiny 2's" current Season of the Chosen, was typically used by the Hitler Youth organization when Nazi Germany was in power, making the phrase deeply connected to anti-Semitism.

It is unclear how and why the phrase ended up in the Bungie title, but it seems like the developers did not do it on purpose to affect anyone negatively and it was purely accidental.

"Any connection to anti-Semitism in Destiny is completely unintentional. Bungie is emphatically committed to inclusion and human rights, and will never stand for anti-Semitism," a spokesperson for Bungie spoke in a statement given to Kotaku. "We are already preparing fixes in an upcoming patch. We apologize to all of our players that were hurt by the references, and we are grateful to our community for bringing their concerns to our attention."

It is possible that someone unfamiliar with the phrase came up with the name of the weekly challenge and that it's likely that it has not been cleared by everyone in the company.

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Anti-Semitic Phrase Found in 'Destiny 2'

According to Kotaku, the phrase is rather easy to miss as it only briefly appears once "Destiny 2" player complete the War Table bounties for the weekly challenge and get a powerful engram as a reward.

For those who are not familiar with the phrase, it could seem like a title that was created for the theme of the current Season of the Chosen.

However, it's the English translation of the Nazi slogan "Blut and Ehre."

Although the phrase "Blood and Honor" has been used in multiple games and even other forms of popular media, some "Destiny 2" players have also seen a link to the game's Battleground activity known as the "Battlegrounds: Cleansing."

In the activity, players have to defeat legions of Cabal and loot treasure chests with the use of the Cabal gold, something that some people find similar to the Nazi gold, especially with the premise of the activity.

Nevertheless, everything might have been nothing but pure coincidence and many are hoping that it was indeed nothing but an accident.

Biggest Season of the Chosen?

It is unclear when Bungie would release the next patch, but it is most likely to be released in the coming days with the attention it is getting.

Without the fiasco, "Destiny 2's" Season of the Chosen would have been one of the best seasons thus far in terms of loot, thanks to the range of new items that can be found throughout the game as well as a wide range of areas where they are available, as per Forbes.

There is indeed a new set of Exotic Armor and Exotic weapons made available in the past few days when the season began.

For those who want to try it out, the "Destiny 2" Season of the Chosen will run until May 11.

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