[RUMOR] Apple Glass: Microphones Could Inform the Wearer About Indistinct Audio
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/ Matt Talks Tech) The microphones of the rumored Apple Glass can locate audio straight to the users.

A speculated wearable device that will rely on augmented reality, consists of microphones that could recognize sounds that may appear to be unclear. They could also locate the audio so the user can know where it is coming from.

Apple Glass Can Be a Game-Changer 

The tech giant has been exploring the finger-mounted control device, to be paired with an MR (Mixed Reality) headset as per the patent report.

The wearable device is expected to bring a crystal-clear sound quality, as well as creating 3D Audio. Furthermore, the recent patent application revealed that the Apple Glass can also do magic through its microphones so its users will enjoy a more interactive audio environment.

Specifically, it is called the "Audio-Based Feedback for Head-Mountable Device," where the user can recognize the sound after it was being detected by the device through the microphones, Apple Insider reported.

The patent did not mention Apple Glass or any devices which could have this feature, so speculations could only go as far before the official announcement happens.

As described in the US Patent and Trademark Office filing entitled "Finger-Mounted Device With Sensors and Haptics," the said device might come with multiple microphones intended to locate audio. In addition, it is also configurable so it can generate visual outputs depending on audio inputs. It is indicated on the display where the location of the sound can be seen.

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This means that identifying sounds from different sources is possible even if they came from various directions. The Apple Glass seems to be the closest recipient of the audio-detection tweak of the patent, as the rumors claimed.

Design and Other Features

Mac Rumors stated that the wearable features two tiny sidewalls which contain magnets for gripping the finger. This is applicable to all sizes of fingers among users.

For its materials, it could come in metallic form but according to the patent, the integration of fabric could also be enveloped in the device.

It is also said that the configuration lets the users come in contact with the device's surface. This improves sensitivity for the wearer like in the case of detecting small imperfections, as well as irregularities and others.

For its bonus components, it will come with a shell containing accelerometers, as well as sensors which come in three types: the force, the touch, and the optical sensors. Moreover, these sensors are important so users can be able to maneuver through the screen and interact with it.

What's more interesting is its precision in detecting the degree of the user's surface touch, and where he/she applies the force in doing so.

In addition, users can also experience using a makeshift physical keyboard by pressing the surface. It also lets the users hover a controller similar to a joy-stick used in gaming.

However, it is still uncertain what could be the possible change if the many devices will be allowed to be worn in one hand.

Speculations go further because Apple has been immersing lately in the application of AR and VR to their gadgets, so this device should not stray remotely from the tech company's products.

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