Xbox Series X Restock 2021: Microsoft Rolls Out New Stock?
(Photo : Screenshot From Unbox Therapy Official YouTube Channel) Xbox Series X Restock 2021: Microsoft Rolls Out New Stock?

For those looking for new Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series S stock online, it is very understandable that getting one's hands on this next-generation console is probably one of the hardest things to do on the internet. Due to the huge problem of scalpers here and there, regular buyers have been having trouble getting their hands on the console resulting in either giving up or purchasing them at higher prices.

Xbox Series X in stock

As of 7:30 AM ET on February 28, Xbox Series S Best Buy was still available for just $299 the only question that gamers ask though is "is the Xbox series S worth it?". It is important, however, to remember that the availability of the Xbox Series X online stock actually varies depending on the buyer's region/zip code, according to an article by Tom's Guide.

Xbox Series X GameStop has reportedly been up for sale. However, the consoles reportedly have to be purchased through the Xbox All-Access. This might be something worth remembering for later purchases. The Xbox All-Access also includes a 24-month Game Pass Ultimate subscription which would cost $34.99 a month for a period of 24 months.

Can I still get an Xbox series X?

Otherwise, the Xbox Series X might still be sold online at major US retailers. Check out the online Xbox Series X restock availability.

For those interested in gaining an edge, it could be helpful to head over to a few Twitter accounts that are dedicated in providing its followers notifications regarding new Xbox Series X stock online. One particularly famous Twitter account for providing pretty spot-on notifications as to where the next-generation console is being sold online is Wario64.

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New Xbox Series X stock online

As of the moment, Microsoft's Xbox Series X is not the only console that has been problematic for buyers to be able to purchase. Of course, Sony's PS5 has also been included in the list of close-to-impossible consoles to buy this 2021.

Aside from scalpers, the companies themselves have reportedly been included in the sectors suffering from a chip shortage which then limits the total manufacturing that the companies are able to produce for these next-generation consoles. Aside from just consoles, even GPUs are having a hard time restocking as the Nvidia RTX remains out of stock for quite a while.

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