Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Upgrades Feature Machine-Learning, AI-Powered Camera and 5G in Preparation
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/ FlashTech TV) Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could rely on its 5G connectivity for much stronger connection.

Microsoft is reportedly working for the launch of Surface Duo 2, a dual-screen device that is revealed to be featuring a strong 5G connectivity and a highly-improved camera that will utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Features

According to a report by Gizmo China's Jeet, it was only in 2020 when the Redmond company released its first mobile device with twin screen displays, the Microsoft Surface Duo.

In addition, you can still purchase it in the European and American stores if you want to experience its features. This year, the said device will be receiving an enhancement with the next mobile product in the line.

Some people pointed out that Microsoft Surface Duo seems to be lacking upon its early launch last year, specifically the hardware features of the device. Although it is obvious that the company is now on its way to work in it, its sales could depend on how Surface Duo 2 fares with the market.

Microsoft could be heading in the move to improve the former product, but it should pay attention to satisfy what additional or new features people want, so its marketability will be much higher compared to Surface Duo.

Furthermore, what people saw last year was a job listing about seeking a hardware expert that tends to be a direct approach to the issue. Someone who has expertise when it comes to LTE and 5G technology could apply for the job. This is because the application of 5G is a big leap to technological advancement, even though only a few devices utilize it in the process.

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In a report by Windows Latest, Microsoft is now on the look-out for an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence which will be useful to develop mobile features when it comes to its camera. More importantly, what the company is seeking is an experienced Android developer who can handle improvements with Qualcomm's processors.

The company aims a collaboration with the developers who want to add photo editing apps for the Duo camera. It is also looking forward to upgrading the image processing so mobile photography could be much more beautiful than before.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 'Unlikely' to Be Released This Year

Of course, Microsoft only excites the mobile-savvy to have a feel of what is coming next to them. A powerful Microsoft Surface Duo 2 which boasts its improved firmware in the camera and its 5G connectivity with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor could be a top hit upon the release.

However, it is presumed that the release of Surface Duo 2 will not happen this year according to Slash Gear, given that Microsoft just began distributing Surface Duo this March.

It will still take some time before the heavy upgrades can be seen by the users. The second-generation device which was nicknamed "Zeta" could be the way of the company to address the criticisms in the past. Nevertheless, it is good to hear that Microsoft is exerting effort to meet the demands of their customers.

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