'Super Smash Ultimate' Pyra/Mythra: Release Date and Time, How to Download, Third Fighter Pass Upcoming?
(Photo : Screenshot From Nintendo YouTube) 'Super Smash Ultimate' Pyra/Mythra: Release Date and Time, How to Download, Third Fighter Pass Upcoming?

While the previous "Super Smash Bros." for 3DS and Wii U 2014 introduced gamers into the whole "Smash" series to stages, DLC fighters, and more, the series' very own latest installment called the "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" has actually streamlined the process by surprisingly releasing Fighters Passes that contain a number of additional stages, DLC fighters, and even music tracks!

New DLC introduces Pyra/Mythra

According to an article by GameRadar, "Super Smash Bros Ultimate" is very well into the whole Fighters Pass Vol. 2, along with "ARMS'" Min Min, Sephiroth from "Final Fantasy 7", Steve from "Minecraft", and the latest edition is Pyra/Mythra coming from the "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" which is expected to launch any time now.

'Super Smash Ultimate' Pyra/Mythra release date

Pyra and Mythra are expected to arrive in the whole "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" some time on Thursday March 4. Past character releases usually put the timing somewhere around the late evenings over the East Coast of the US. Min Min coming from ARMS! actually released about some time 9 PM EDT during her release date. 

Byleth, the "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" protagonist also arrived in the game sometime around 9PM EDT. This was also about the same case for the other Banjo Kazooie release time at 8 PM EDT as well as the Hero and Joker, with their recent updates being released sometime around 9 PM EDT.

How to download Pyra/Mythra

According to an article by NewsWeek, for players who really want to buy Mythra and Pyra, they can do so separately or maybe as part of the other Fighters Pass 2 bundle.

All users need to do is to go to the Nintendo eShop and proceed to search for "fighter pass." Users will then be able to sort the results by Downloadable Content. This will allow the user to put the most recent DLC at the top.

While gamers do not really have a hard time looking for the new releases, Nintendo makes things easier by posting them on the eShop front page. Alone, both Pyra and Mythra would cost players $5.99. Separately purchasing the "Super Smash Bros.. Ultimate" Fighters Psss 2 will also cost players $29.99. The new Fighter Pass 2 would include Min Min, Steve from "Minecraft", Sephiroth, Pyra/Mythra, as well as two more unannounced fighters.

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'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' new costumes

Pyra and Mythra's recent release will also reportedly come along with a new stage and music coming from the classic "Xenoblade Chronicles" series. The brand new Mii Fighter costumes were also recently announced during the Thursday stream and will also reportedly release around the same time as the Pyra/Mythra.

Costumes that are based on both "Ghosts n Goblins" as well as "Monster Hunter" will be reportedly making their way over to "Smash Ultimate". They are also reported to sell at around $0.75 each.


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