Google is said to be working on a new project: earbuds that will allegedly give the users supernatural hearing. The team behind the wearable technology device, X Moonshine Factory, calls the earbuds "Wolverine."

Google's Wolverine Earbuds

According to Business Insider, the popular wearables of Google, such as Fitbit, Pixel Buds, and Glass Enterprise, are currently the only ones marketed by the company, but now Google is ready to add a new wearable device to its lineup.

The Wolverine earbuds are said to be packed with sensors and microphones that can make it a never-before-seen in-ear device, but the X Moonshine team is facing challenges with the development of the device, according to 9to5Mac.

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Wolverine earbuds to isolate sounds

One of Google's Wolverine earbuds' most notable features is that it can isolate sounds in a room. So if the user is in a busy area and wants to drown out all of the noise and focus on what they are reading or watching, the Wolverine earbuds can segregate speech using an array of microphones and sensors.

The X Moonshine Factory team is working on the project for three years now and has run into some challenges with design and physics. Because of this, the earbuds have been through a lot of prototypes as the team wants to discover an ideal iteration for the Wolverine earbuds.

The news media outlet reported that sources described the early versions of the wearable device that covered the ear's whole side or protruded out from above the ear. The newer prototypes of Wolverine earbuds are said to be a lot smaller than the earlier models.

A spokesperson of Alphabet, Google's parent company, confirmed that Google is indeed exploring the future of hearing but did not elaborate on the subject.

The sources that spoke to Business Insider revealed that Google will not put Wolverine earbuds on the market until it becomes a viable business model.

This means that speech segregation does not have enough marketing prospects. The X Moonshine Factor team also has to prove the Wolverine project is bankable enough for Google to back it up. 

Facebook's project

However, Google may need to speed up the project because Facebook is rumored to also be working on a high-tech wearable device, specifically AR glasses, that will offer users superhuman hearing, just like Wolverine earbuds.

As reported by Bloomberg, Facebook's smart glasses will arrive anytime this year, but it won't have the kind of digital overlay technology that is linked with augmented reality.

The glasses, which are being developed together with Ray-Ban and Luxottica Group SpA, will connect to a device, but the users won't be able to overlay digital objects onto their real-world view, which is a foundational element of AR.

According to hardware chief Andrew Bosworth, the AR glasses are connected glasses, and they give a lot of functionality, but they are coy about which functionality they are providing. He added that they do not want to over-hype the project.

Facebook announced the AR glasses project back in 2017 and has since developed numerous camera features that will allow people to project their digital images onto the physical world like photo fillers.

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