"Fortnite" community is on a mission to data-mine every available leak they can find.

Here Are The Clues

Data miner InTheShade also tweeted that this particular portal is codenamed "SmallFry." The image appears from a ground perspective, with the surrounding forest seemingly oversized.

After reverse searching, the portal's picture reveals a stock image titled "the world seen from the point of view of an ant." Leaker VastBlast decrypts the contents in one of the game's portals, where a forest floor appears from a ground-level view. The background music features frantic strings and an anomalous sound effect similar to a colony of ants at work.

Back in Chapter 2 Season 4, Epic Games created a massive superhero-themed renovation with the map, featuring locations on some of Marvel's greatest franchises, such as Black panther monument and Doom's Domain. It was quite a mystery why Ant-Man was not released when he had his own landmark named the Ant Manor.

Although in bits and pieces, these clues seem to line up well with Ant-Man.

Ant-Man is Coming

Joining the rest of Marvel in "Fortnite," it's exciting to think of Ant-Man as the next in line for a character's skin.

Although Ant-Man is not the first Marvel hero, with Venom, Daredevil, Wolverine, Tony Stark, Black Widow, and Thor among the skin-line, Ant-Man will be the first Avenger to appear in Season 5.

Epic Games have not officially announced nor provided leaks yet when players will be able to purchase the Ant-Man skin and if it has any potential cosmetics. However, it is expected that Ant-Man is released in the in-game Item Shop over the next few days.

Epic has been hinting crossover characters with these portals throughout the Zero Point storyline. Tron was announced after a portal showed a neon digital world. Street Fighter's Ryu and Chun-Li joined the team shortly after the portal featuring Ryu's Suzaku Castle stage.

A new crossover is likely the hint for this most recent portal. Fans think that Epic is going back to Marvel for this round.

"Fortnight" has been popular when the game featured the superhero theme, but now they're bringing back the hunter theme with Ant-Man being leaked to be the final Hunter recruited in this season.

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Fortnite The Next Chapter

"Fortnite" Chapter 2 season 6 is coming in, and 'Fortnite' is bringing in big changes and new content. It is predicted to start after next week, sometime around Mar. 15.

Fans are expecting the release of a cinematic event to the start of the new season. Perhaps the storyline would revolve around Zero Point, as the bridges connecting to other realities located under The Loop become unstable. This is why many characters from other universes are realities are joining in the battle royal.

It is interesting to think how Ant-Man, someone involved with dimensional travel and quantum physics, will contribute to the storyline.

Rounding up reality's greatest hunters, with the most recently added Ripley and Xenomorph from the Alien universe, Agent Jonesy is getting for the next chapter.

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