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Social media platform Instagram is reportedly preparing to introduce an affiliate program for influencers and content creators to help them earn more.

Instagram to help creators get monetized

The other leaks of Instagram's alleged projects reveal that the platform's new control tools for blocking messages with specific keywords and a new editing tool for brightness will be added in the near future.

Instagram Reels was introduced in India last year and was recently launched in the United States.

Now, Instagram is making new tools for both content creators and general users. As shared by Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter, Instagram may set in an affiliate program for all its influencers.

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The the affiliate program will be found in the Creators section, and Instagram influencers and content creators should be eligible for the program as soon as it is launched, according to XDA Developers.

However, before they get the green light, they would need to follow the Partner Monetization Policies. As soon as they are eligible, they can monetize their content through affiliate marketing.

This can be done by sharing their products with their followers and pushing sales. If they can make their followers purchase the products through an affiliate link, they will be earning commissions.

With this process, influencers and content creators can access new opportunities to connect with brands and earn more on the platform.

While this program is directed towards social media influencers, the platform may also introduce Content Controls for all Instagram users who need to restrict messages by blocking specific keywords.

This feature will add specific keywords to a list and let the filter on Instagram deal with it. If someone sends you a message containing any of the keywords you've listed, they will get blocked.

Also, there is a new way to adjust the brightness, and it is found in the editing section of the platform known as the Brightness AI. It is still unclear what this feature will do, but some rumors tapping on it will automatically set the post's brightness.

Instagram updates

These are not just the adjustments and updates that Instagram is reportedly working on.

Recently the platform made an adjustment with its Instagram Live by housing more people. According to Wired, Instagram Live saw success last year due to the pandemic, as people were forced to talk to each other online. Instagram Live has supported two-person streaming for years, but that has changed now.

In February, Instagram stated that it saw 70% more viewership on Instagram Live than in previous months. Creators, celebrities, influences, and others are going live with their partners now.

Kristin George, Instagram's director of product for creators, said that the number one most requested feature was having multiple people on Instagram Live.

This is where Live Rooms come in. It is a feature wherein the host can add up to three guests in the live broadcast. According to George, four people seem to be the ideal number for now, but the number will increase in the future.

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