I was wondering where to place your ad money? The world of influencer marketing just keeps getting bigger.

Influencer marketing is nothing new. Since it arrived in the digital world a handful of years ago, though, we have seen an evolution in where it has been heading. Where the previous influencer was restricted to Instagram, TikTok has become the site of the next big thing.

One only must look at Charli D'Amelio's astonishing rise to fame. Over a year, this young dancer went from student to master. With nearly 80 million followers, she is one of the big names in influencing right now. Luwucifer might seem like less of a big fish with a 400k following, but he has only been on the app since mid December 2020.

TikTok has Success Potential.

With the aid of no more tech than an editing suite, a laptop, and a mobile phone, you could be generating your 15-second videos, capable of generating a bit of hype of their own. TikTok exposes you (and your brand, if you play it as Luwucifer does) to an international audience, each of which can tune in whenever they want to view your pre-approved videos.

Like YouTube but with a feed-type format, TikTok is as addictive as Tinder, as socially and culturally aware as Instagram, and has none of the cattiness found on Facebook. It is the perfect place to pop a ten-second ad for your brand. You only have about ten seconds, though; your average user will flick past in three if you have not caught their attention yet.

This platform is giving rise to an unprecedented number of new sensations. People can showcase their skills, their talents and communicate with existing friends, all on one platform. It is less about making connections and more about interacting with an increasingly digital world... and if you happen to be an industry leader, this means dollar signs.

TikTok Marketing and Luwucifer

Luwucifer came onto the scene at the beginning of 2021 and quickly shot to success. How did he do it? He shot videos of himself driving his car and soon found he had stumbled onto a niche. He has incredible tattoos on his arms, he wears fashion-forward clothing, and he has never revealed his face. It turns out that this combination of things has excellent desirability among the female fans. He has even recently launched a streetwear and darkwear brand of clothing.

When attempting to explain his hype, Luwucifer is not sure what to say. What he does know is that he intends to keep riding the wave of fame. TikTok has seen him with nearly 450k followers, Instagram, with almost 20k and growing daily. He has a YouTube planned, launched a fashion line named SHDW studio which features his hands and anime as darkwear inspiration, is selling pictures of his hands, and has a hundred other pipeline ideas.

Where others have created the brand and are setting out to market it through social media, Luwucifer has made his brand and reputation through social media, only to branch out into other projects. It might be the opposite way to how the rest of us operate, but there is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box.

We all better start facing the truth. TikTok is big business. Now we just must figure out how we take a piece of the pie.

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