Tesla has chosen LG as its partner to produce the next-generation cylindrical battery of the company, popularly known as the 4680 battery, and would be requiring a new factory in the US or Europe region. The collaboration of both companies aims to deliver the new batteries by 2023, bringing new ranges and capabilities for its electric vehicles.

Tesla Battery
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The popular electric vehicle manufacturer and clean energy company have been planning to create a different battery for its power cells for a long time now, and it has been thwarted several times in the past. However, in this venture, it seems like Tesla is already solidified with the idea and partnership with LG, bringing the new battery with an old partner. 

Initially, Tesla has named Panasonic to be working on its 4680 Battery production, but in recent events, it seems that the company has assigned another massive name in power cell technology. Both Panasonic and LG have worked with Tesla for its 18650 batteries in the past, and it has brought a lot of massive opportunities for the company's EVs.

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Tesla and LG: New Factory for 4680 Battery Production

According to an exclusive scoop by Reuters from LG, it seems that the odds have changed and it has been in favor of the South Korean tech manufacturer to be in collaboration with Tesla with the venture. The battery aims to be the strongest one among Tesla's lineup, bringing a new breed of EVs with a powerful power cell innovation.

Tesla 4680 Battery
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Tesla 4680 Battery

The 4680 Batteries were initially unveiled last September 2020 in Tesla's Battery Day and were once called the "Million-Range" battery of the company, aiming to reach massive lengths before its replacement. Moreover, apart from its long life, the 4680 battery also aims to debut a massive range for each vehicle while incorporating faster charging. 

At first glance, the Tesla 4680 battery is like the "promised one" for the company, aiming to bring all the great traits of the power cell that would complement the performance of the electric vehicles. The company would require a separate factory to work on the power cell, and have it ready by 2023 to be installed on the new EVs. 

Tesla, LG 4680 Battery Factory

Tesla vehicles line up during the Tesla Battery Day
(Photo : Tesla / YouTube)
Tesla vehicles line up during the Tesla Battery Day

On the other hand, the Tesla insiders have also revealed that the factory would be based in either the United States or European regions, and it would be separate from the current manufacturing plants of the company. Initially, it was rumored that the 4680 battery would be produced in Gigafactory Berlin, the only Tesla plant in the EU region.

However, Electrek suggests that it would be a completely different factory, as regarded by the Tesla leakers, as it aims to focus and dedicate its resources to the mass completion of the batteries by 2023. Despite this, Tesla would still purchase battery cells from other suppliers and have selected models only for the 4680. 

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