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Man With Flu-Like Symptoms Dies In ICE Processing Center

A man detained at an ICE facility in Florida died after being placed under medical observation for symptoms of the flu. The 52-year-old is the fourth person to die this fiscal year while in the custody of ICE.

Public Health April 7, 2019

Outbreaks In US Forcing Officials To Quarantine New Migrants

An outbreak of infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccines have been reported among immigrants detained in ICE facilities. Thousands have been placed in quarantine, barring them from meeting with lawyers and denied access to libraries.

Public Health March 11, 2019

Greenland Ice Melt Has 'Gone Into Overdrive,' Say Scientists

Scientists said in a new report that the rate in which the second largest ice sheet in the world is shrinking is abnormal. In the past 20 or 30 years, the ice sheet is rapidly melting due to global warming.

Earth/Environment December 6, 2018

Coldest On Earth: Antarctica’s Exceedingly Low Temperature Explained

It was previously established that Earth’s coldest spot is located on the East Antarctic Plateau. Here's what makes it the planet's coldest and why there's a limit to how cold it can get.

June 29, 2018

Scientists Create 'Superionic Ice' That May Also Exist On Uranus And Neptune

Scientists have recently created superionic ice on Earth, believed to be found on icy giant planets. It is a strange form of ice that is simultaneously liquid and solid.

Material Science February 8, 2018

This Event Turned Earth Into A Massive Snowball Some 700 Million Years Ago

Continual volcanic eruptions are pinpointed for 'snowball Earth' some 700 million years ago. Harvard researchers explain how this phenomenon came to be and caused pole-to-pole glaciation on the planet.

Earth/Environment March 15, 2017

Earth-Like Icy Ridges Found On Pluto: What We Know About This Bladed Terrain So Far

Those icy ridges found on the Tartarus Dorsa region of Pluto are similar to the so-called penitentes on Earth, making it possible for the same features to exist elsewhere in the solar system, a new study has found.

Space January 6, 2017

Odd Polygons Suggest Pluto Underwent A Face-Lift

Pluto is far more active than anyone believed. Now, astronomers have discovered the secret of mysterious polygons found on the surface.

Space June 2, 2016

Did Asteroids Bring Water To Interior Of Moon Long Ago?

Could water found on the moon have arrived there from asteroids? A new study suggests that could be the case.

Space June 1, 2016

Plant Pathogen Creates Ice Crystals From Water Vapor: Why This Is Important

A plant pathogen has a very unique ability: it can compel water molecules to form like ice. Now scientists did not only learn why, but also how it impacts us.

Earth/Environment April 25, 2016

Scientists Invent Ice Repellent For Commercial Use: Here's How They Created The Icephobic Coating

Scientists have developed a new formula for icephobic coating that helps prevent various objects, like wind turbines, airplanes and car windshields, from freezing in cold climates. The spray-on material works by keeping ice from bonding tightly with surfaces.

March 14, 2016

New Ice Repellent Could Keep Windshields From Freezing

Ice can be dangerous when it builds up on windshields, aircraft and power lines. Now, researchers announce the development of a new coating preventing the buildup of ice on a wide range of surfaces.

March 13, 2016

Blue Ice In Lake Michigan Catches Photographers' Attention

Blue ice along the shore near Michigan's Mackinac Bridge offered spectacular views to photographers and spectators over the weekend. Non-residents had their share of the beautiful views through photos posted on social media.

Earth/Environment February 29, 2016

New Form Of Ice Has Lowest Density For Frozen Water

A new form of ice could have the lowest density for frozen water ever discovered, beating a previous record by being 25 percent less dense. If scientists successfully synthesize the proposed ice, it would be the 18th known crystalline form of water.

Animals February 16, 2016

Pluto Has Icebergs That Float In Frozen Nitrogen

Images captured by NASA's New Horizons reveal that Pluto has water ice glaciers that float on top of frozen nitrogen. Ice-on-ice movement is possible on the dwarf planet because of differences in ice density.

Space February 5, 2016

Frozen Water Has Been Found Beneath The Surface Of Comet 67P

While scientists already knew of the existence of frozen water under the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, a team of researchers at the National Institute for Astrophysics in Rome has confirmed the amount and location.

Space January 14, 2016

Hair Ice Mystery: Here's Why It Took Scientists Nearly A Century To Solve It

Hair ice is formed by one variety of fungus, a new study reveals. Why did it take 90 years to discover this fact?

July 26, 2015

Researchers Use Graphene To Make 'Square' Ice Crystals Not Found In Nature

A novel form of ice freezes at room temperature in a 'sandwich' of graphene layers, researchers discover. The atoms form a pattern 'alien to water molecules,' they report.

March 27, 2015

History Of Melting Ice In Greenland May Hold Clues To Future

Researchers have been able to quantify the way the Greenland Ice Sheet reacted to warmer temperatures in the past. The melting of ice may hold clues for future sea-level rise.

Earth/Environment February 25, 2015

Frozen Great Lakes Spell Cool Spring Weather

The frigid weather, forecast through the end of this month, means more surface of the Great Lakes could be covered in ice, increasing the likelihood of a cold spring.

Animals February 22, 2015

Incredible Photo: Ice-Covered Jeep Leaves, Ice Stays Put

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if ice froze over your car, but when you drove away, the ice remained where the car was? It sounds impossible, but wonder no more because it's happened for real.

Internet Culture February 20, 2015

Waterfalls, Fountains & More Have Frozen Across New York

As the Eastern seaboard of the United States is experiencing record lows, bodies of water are freezing solid. You won't believe the sight of Niagara Falls, Lake Champlain, the East River, and more turning to ice.

Internet Culture February 18, 2015

Bottled Water Turns To Ice In Seconds In This Freaky Video

Want to see something cool? Chances are you've never seen water turn to ice this fast. Seriously: blink and you might miss it.

Internet Culture January 22, 2015

This Time Lapse Video of Arctic Melt is a Bit Alarming

Time-lapse video gives startling evidence of the effect warming is having on Arctic sea ice. Video shows almost 3 decades of shrinking ocean ice cover.

Earth/Environment January 22, 2015

Chemistry Explains Why We Use Salt on Ice in Wintry Weather

It's January and we know what that means: cold and icy weather. Many of us, though, still take to the roads, but not before city and state officials lay down salt. But how exactly does that salt melt the ice?

Internet Culture January 9, 2015

Artisanal ice is a thing, and it doesn't come cheap

There is such a thing as artisanal ice, and it will make your already expensive cocktails even pricier. Find out about this annoying new cocktail trend.

Internet Culture October 21, 2014

NASA gets first photos of water ice on Mercury

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft has taken the first ever photos of water ice on Mercury. These photos could help us understand how water came to the rest of the solar system.

Geek October 16, 2014

Jupiter moon Europa has icy plate tectonics: Can it support alien lifeform?

Europa is found to exhibit plate tectonics in a manner similar to Earth, but what can that say about the possibility of alien life there?

Space September 9, 2014

Antarctic sea levels rise too fast as ice melts, freshwater increases in oceans

Sea levels in Antarctica are rising rapidly due to the decreased salinity of the sea as freshwater ice melts, a new study shows.

Earth/Environment September 1, 2014

16-foot waves spotted in Arctic Ocean: Blame climate change?

Water in the Arctic Ocean is becoming exposed due to melting ice, and that could lead to a runaway effect in the region.

Earth/Environment August 3, 2014

Antarctic sea ice expansion study triggers icy debate

Antarctic ice may be expanding - or not. Latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows growth may have been in error.

Earth/Environment July 24, 2014

NASA utilizes U2 spy plane to study Arctic ice

The ER-2, NASA's version of the Cold War U2 aircraft, is being used to study Arctic ice, laying the groundwork for a future mission.

Earth/Environment July 20, 2014

Citizen scientists delay return of ISEE-3. Here's the revised plan

While the plans to regain full control of the decommission satellite ISEE-3 are going through certain delays, the civilian scientists behind the project are still pushing through.

Space June 17, 2014

NASA wants citizen scientists to take control over and rescue derelict satellite

The International Sun-Earth Explorer-3 was launched on a mission to explore the solar wind in 1978. It fell silent 21 years later, but now NASA has given the go-ahead for a group of amateur astronomers to resurrect the mission.

Space May 23, 2014

Great Lakes still iced over: Get ready to put on woolens this summer

Ice cover on the Great Lakes is melting much more slowly than normal. Could this foretell a cool summer?

Animals April 27, 2014

Arctic ice cover maximum is fifth-lowest on record

Ice cover in the Arctic reached its fifth-lowest level since 1978; in the south, ice in the Antarctic receded to the fourth-greatest extent since measurements started 36 years ago. What does this say about global temperatures?

Earth/Environment April 5, 2014

Cassini finds ocean on Saturn's moon Enceladus

An ocean of liquid water detected on Saturn's moon Enceladus may make that body the most likely place to find alien life

Space April 4, 2014

Quelccaya Ice Cap glacier in Peru gives global warming a chilly reception

Quelccaya Ice Cap glacier in Peru is revealing centuries worth of secrets about the climate. But, what does it say about our present?

Animals February 26, 2014

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