OnePlus 9 series could pack very powerful wide-lens that could eliminate other smartphones' distortion issues when taking wide-angle shots. However, is it better than Samsung Galaxy S21's wide-camera? 

The popular smartphone leaker Ice Universe revealed the capability. He claimed that the upcoming OnePlus 9 flagships' camera lenses are quite powerful. His latest tweet includes a photo taken by the device. The image is a shot of a man wearing a red suit with a cape. Thanks to OnePlus 9's advanced wide-lens, the photo looks very detailed, even on the dark parts.

On the other hand, Pete Lau, OnePlus' founder, and CEO, also posted the new feature of his company's upcoming smartphone.

"Ultra-wide photography literally broadens your horizons. Shouldn't it also keep them true? On the left, a shot taken with a conventional ultra-wide," said Lau via his official Twitter account.

"On the right, the same (and yet totally different) photo taken with the #OnePlus9Series, free of distortion," added OnePlus' CEO.

How good is OnePlus 9's ultra-wide lens?

Right now, most high-end smartphones still suffer from a camera issue when taking a wide-angle shot. This is specifically due to a distortion issue that changes the sharp or straight edges of a subject.

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Pete Lau's latest tweet showed a comparison shot of the upcoming OnePlus and other images taken by a conventional lens. It turned out that a conventional ultra-wide lens is not that accurate when taking wide-angle images. Why? Because there is still some noticeable distortion on the image.

On the other hand, the OnePlus 9's ultra-wide camera is really accurate. In Pete Lau's posted image, you can see that the OnePlus 9 can capture the actual scene that a human eye can see. This makes it comparable to a normal-lens, which is one of the most expensive DLSR accessories. Aside from this, the photo was taken by the OnePlus 9 also has better color quality compared to the one taken by a conventional lens.

Is it better than Samsung Galaxy S21's wide-camera?

Samsung Galaxy S21 also has a great wide-lens camera, but as of the moment, it is still difficult to say whether OnePlus 9 has the better one. Previously, Samsung Newsroom compared the wide-angle photos taken by the latest Galaxy S21 flagship and a DLSR. 

Samsung revealed that Galaxy S21's wide-lens camera takes better photos compared to the bulky camera gadget. Aside from this, the smartphone also has different options you can choose from. Samsung Galaxy S21 has the ability to make small places look bigger, which is just one of the great features offered by Samsung's latest smartphone lineup. You can click here for more details. 

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