A whole lot of Microsoft's applications are affected by a service outage, happened on Monday, March 15, that took down essential apps and software that are important for home, office, and schoolwork, which the company aims to restore now. Microsoft's maintenance team is already trying to fix the issue for Azure, Office 365, Teams, and Xbox Live, which they provide updates by the hour.

Microsoft Big Email China Hacked: How to Know if You're Affected, What to Do Next
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Microsoft Big Email China Hacked: How to Know if You're Affected, What to Do Next

Instead of a continuous work or use of a variety of Microsoft's suites, people who are using it online are experiencing a loss of service and a massive hindrance due to a service outage on the company's end. Currently, Microsoft has confirmed that it was not a hack or breach among its systems, rather a simple outage that overloaded its servers.

People who are working, studying, and even gaming are affected by this outage, with Microsoft having one of its nastiest services downtimes for this year, as it dominoed most of its online services among its products. Azure and Teams face the most critical ones, particularly as both are online-based needs for work, with the cloud computing and collaboration tool unable to provide service.

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Microsoft Outage Affects Most of Its Online Services

Users can check the different service outages and statuses of the fix by Microsoft found in the links below. It is important to note that Microsoft updates these statuses by the hour, but in the case of some applications like Microsoft Azure, it has parameters that can be adjusted based on preferences.

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According to the issue, Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (AD) is the source of all the outages that occurred within Microsoft's suite of applications, thus resulting in a domino effect that affected others. Most importantly, the Active Directory knocked out most online services, but its offline mode can still be used, particularly with Microsoft Office's tools.

Currently, the Microsoft Azure status page says that other services of the Azure can be used and are active across the region, and only its Active Directory is still affected by the service outage from the company. Furthermore, users have been reporting that some are locked out of their accounts or have trouble authenticating them to continue using its service.

Office 365, Teams

On the other hand, both Office 365 and the Teams experience an issue of the same kind, and that is both the services' online features that are affected by the outage. Moreover, users have reported that they are not able to log in its their Microsoft accounts, which is a significant hassle in accessing online documents and Teams' collaboration features.

Xbox Live

On Xbox's end, the company said that users are not able to enter game codes, promo codes, and purchase via its online games store, particularly with the Xbox Live feature and its subscribers. However, several users report that redeeming codes, game streaming, and other purchase issues are also reported by users of the service.


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