SpaceX's Super Heavy Booster Rocket surfaced on social media, particularly with Elon Musk has shared a snap of the spacecraft which would help the Starship reach orbit to continue and commence mission for the company. However, the "full-stack" mission is a long way from now, especially as Starship is yet to achieve a perfect landing without any explosions.

The fans of Elon Musk's space company have been hyping the first look of the Super Heavy Booster rocket on social media, particularly with the spy pictures that show it being stacked by the company on its first stage. Yes, the towering booster made by Elon Musk is still in the early stages of the Super Heavy, and not yet in its full glory.

The SpaceX Super Heavy Booster rocket is a goliath spacecraft with a completed form of 220 feet, which would add the 120-foot Starship that is yet to come for the company. In total, the "Full Stack" of both SpaceX spacecraft would result in almost 350 feet in height, which would be one of the tallest spacecraft of the modern era, that is meant for transporting humans to Mars.

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SpaceX Super Heavy Booster Rocket Now Stands

According to a photo tweet shared by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk (@elonmusk), this is the first Super Heavy Booster rocket that was attempted by the company to install and assemble for 2021. Moreover, this would also be the first booster rocket that the company would attempt to use for tests and flights in the coming weeks or months.

 The first segment of the Super Heavy Booster rocket already stands at massive heights, but the company said that it is not yet complete, particularly as it has not yet installed its Raptor engines to complete it. The Super Heavy Booster would have a total of 27 engines on its rockets, meaning that it would take a lot to make this booster operational.

SpaceX Super Heavy Booster Rocket is Incomplete

Currently, the Super Heavy Booster rocket is still incomplete, especially as it is the first phase of the rocket's assembly among SpaceX's arsenal, and the company is only getting started with it. Notably, SpaceX has mentioned the Super Heavy Booster for a long time now, and it was an original partner for its long-haul flights like its Mars mission.

Soon, SpaceX would complete the Super Heavy Booster and also commence a test flight that would attempt to reach certain heights and return to the surface, with its landing maneuver like the Starship. The booster rocket would be the first to return to Earth, especially if the spacecraft is already approved for a mission to Mars.

SpaceX Full Stack Test Flight on July

SpaceX SN10 Starship
(Photo : SpaceX via YouTube Screenshot)

Elon Musk has previously teased a "Full-Stack" Test flight in July for the Starship and Super Heavy Booster as a fan asked about their plans if it is coming. Musk and SpaceX need to create a working prototype of a Starship spacecraft for this to work, as July is nearing and only four months away from the CEO's word.

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