Elon Musk is planning something big for SpaceX, particularly after revealing a "full-stack flight" for the Starship and its Super Heavy Booster rocket to reach the Earth's orbit with its goal in July. The company only has less than three and a half months to make this work, particularly with the Starship that has not landed without having a fiery ending.

SN10 Starship
(Photo : Twitter via @BocaChicaGirl)

The company is in the works for the latest SN11 Starship, aiming to follow through and polish the mistakes that were made by the SN10 that landed on a "bad leg" and caused the Starship to explode. Musk and his fans consider SN10's landing a success, particularly because it sticks the landing upon its descent, only having a few minor errors, unlike its predecessors.

The SN11 is already awaiting its first public appearance, which fans and enthusiasts of the company are already expecting from the company, as the SN9 already had the SN10 by its side during its launch. Moreover, SpaceX and Elon Musk mentioned that they would like to improve more on the SN11, to avoid the mistakes in previous launches.

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Elon Musk: SpaceX Full Stack Flight for Starship and Super Heavy

For SpaceX and Elon Musk, "Full Stack" means that both the rocket ship and its boosters would go on its flight, particularly as it aims to reach the intended location on the cosmic skies, he said on his tweet on Wednesday, March 17. 

This means that the SN10 and the previous Starships are only half of the original vessel that is headed for Mars and other off-world locations. In a series of tweets that showed the video of the SN10's descent and successful landing, Elon Musk (@elonmusk) was asked by a fan if a "full-stack flight" was possible come July.

The SpaceX CEO then responded that it is the goal of the company, meaning that they would try to finish its spacecraft and reach higher lengths than its current tests.

The Starship and Super Heavy Rockets would detach upon reaching a certain point in space, with the rocket booster immediately returning and the Starship rocket ship proceeding to do the mission. Its landing maneuvers are tested and practiced so that its future passengers would not suffer from an exploding aircraft as it lands on Mars or the Earth, among various locations.

SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Booster Rocket

(Photo : Youtube/ SpaceX)
SpaceX Falcon 9

The Super Heavy Booster rocket is a massive piece of equipment for the Starship, which would propel the Stainless Steel spacecraft as it departs from the Earth, along with its massive loads. The Super Heavy has 27 engines that it would use to lift both its upper and lower stacks towards orbit, and up to the point it needs to give the Starship a push.

Its main purpose is to give the Starship the boost it needs, particularly as it aims to save on fuel, all alloted for its maneuvers when in Space and going back to the planet. Moreover, a full-stack flight would mean that it would reach the orbit, otherwise, stacking them both would be wasteful.

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