The world is going crazy again for the massive restocks of the latest gaming consoles of the generation, the PS5 and Xbox Series S and X, particularly as news of another drop would soon come after the recent events. Earlier today, Amazon has dropped 46,000 units of the PlayStation 5 all for gamers, and those are on suggested retail prices direct from Sony.

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However, the next restock drops are rumored to be from Walmart and are expected from the tech and retail giant that has been consistent in replenishing its warehouse with the console. However, its next restock would not be as significant as Amazon's, and there are no leaks or guarantees yet that the PS5 would also come, unlike the Xbox Series X. 

According to CNet, the next restock would be focused on the Xbox Series S and X, and it would debut in the following week, particularly on Thursday, Mar. 25. The company has revealed that the stock drop would be limited and is not the same as the PS5's 46,000 stocks, but it would guarantee the first-comers the console from Xbox. 

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Walmart Xbox Series S and X Restock

Xbox Series X
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The multinational retail company based in Bentonville has been one of the most consistent retailers of the latest generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, alongside GameStop, Best Buy, and Target. Unlike other retailers which cease operations and waits to bring a large batch for users to enjoy, Walmart updates constantly but with limited availability.

The next restock is confirmed to be next Thursday and would feature Microsoft's Xbox Series S (Digital Version) and Xbox Series X (Disc-ready version). The Microsoft Xbox may be less hyped compared to the PS5, but it is still a fast-selling console like the Sony console, with a lot of fans awaiting its arrival and use for gaming. 

Walmart is a direct retailer for the Xbox Series X, and it would uphold the suggested retail price (SRP) of the Microsoft console despite the massive demand for the stock and desperate buyers. Both the digital and disc version of the console is up for grabs for next week's restock, and customers are advised to set up their pre-purchase rituals like logins, billing address, payment information, and the like. 

Xbox Series X - $499

Xbox Series S - $299

PlayStation 5 Walmart Restock

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On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 has no exact reveal from Walmart that the next batch of units is coming for the retail company after the recently concluded restock earlier today. Yes. Walmart had a small batch of restocks made available for users alongside the PlayStation 5's 46,000 available units on rival Amazon. 

However, users are advised to check out surprise reveals and restock from various retail companies, as they constantly update their PS5 with limited or small batches of stocks. 

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