A new gaming chair has been spotted online by Kotaku Japan on Friday, March 19, showing one of the most peculiar designs for a gaming chair from Lenovo that features a Katana which is attached to the chair's body as part of its design. The chair is something that is never seen before, and features a unique design that took inspiration from an anime called "Demon Slayer" or "Kimetsu No Yaiba."

Lenovo Katana Gaming chair
(Photo : Lenovo via Screenshot)

The Chinese PC and multi-technology company, Lenovo, has debuted its gaming chair that presents a Katana right at the side of the gamer and owner of the chair, also providing ergonomics and comfort for the seat. Additionally, the gaming chair is a limited release by the company, and it may not be released worldwide, or be sold at all. 

The world has seen a lot of iterations for the gaming chair, and some of them present weird designs and surprising offers to gamers, while most of those seats are presented with popular character design. What sets this chair apart is that Lenovo has stayed true to a popular character from the top-grossing anime, faithful with its accessory and weapon.

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Lenovo Katana Gaming Chair from 'Demon Slayer'

Lenovo Katana Gaming chair
(Photo : Lenovo via Screenshot)

The gaming chair's design is designed after the popular Japanese anime "Kimetsu No Yaiba" (Demon Slayer), particularly its mysterious character called "Giyu Tomioka," whose sword and colors were taken inspiration. The chair's entirety is patterned after the character's maroon kimono, and its backrest was taken from the unique pattern of the character's inside garment.

On the other hand, the Katana on the left-hand side and handrest of the chair is an exact replica of Giyu Tomioka's sword, but the downside is that gamers cannot unsheath or remove it from where it is placed. Lenovo's Katana Gaming Chair features an ergonomic seating position that provides comfort for long hours of gaming, having the design of usual gaming chairs.

The Katana Gaming Chair that features Giyu Tomioka and his popular "Nichiren Blade" is a limited make from Lenovo and would not be distributed widely by the company. Moreover, the company's branding is different from the gaming chair's release, as Lenovo is best known for its desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

How to Buy Lenovo Katana Gaming Chair?

Lenovo Katana Gaming chair
(Photo : Lenovo via Screenshot)

Sadly, the Katana Gaming Chair from "Demon Slayer" is not available for sale, and in fact, the company only made five of these seats that it would release in Japan only, as part of a promotional event. Moreover, all of the five gaming chairs are for distribution only, and no sale would be available for interested gamers even in the Land of the Rising Sun.

If the demand for the gaming chair increases and online petitions are started by fans of the anime, Lenovo might be forced or moved to put this into production but would be a long-shot for the chair's availability. Now, the chair remains as a promotional item for Japan, and its Katana attached to its side remains a design only, for every gamer's safety.

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