Riot Games has recently revealed that "League of Legends" is coming up with a really groovy, really smooth event, "League of Legends" Space Grove, which is expected to be hitting the game with the new "LoL" patch 11.7. Space Groove is expected to give out eight different Champions new skins reportedly inspired by the 1970s disco and the 1980s kids cartoons.

'League of Legends:' Space Groove

According to the story by Inverse, they have gotten an exclusive look directly at some of the concept art that is behind the whole flashy new skins that are expected to come to "LoL" ahead of the official launch on Mar. 31. Nunu's very own Space Groove concept actually includes something known as an adorable "space otter," a pretty cool but also quite an uncomfortable sound of a "suit full of boogies," and even a pretty dashing roller disco duo.

Elements of all of the upcoming Nunu's concepts can now be seen in the final design. The new dog-headed Nasus' new design reportedly comes along with a newly reimagined homeworld that some super-intelligent dogs populate. The whole concept art is now packed with some details, even if they won't really show up directly in the game.

Sailor Moon part of the influence?

Taking some cues coming from Space Channel 5 and the popular anime Sailor Moon, Space Groove Lux will now put on quite a laser light show in a really sparkly dress along with a headband to match. The new favorite "LoL" dancing queen also had some of a few options for the Space Groove, including some that decided to lean more into the whole flower power.

It is generally clear from the whole Samira's Space Groove concepts that bell bottoms were definitely a must. The final design that she is sporting includes a brightly colored neon-coated weapon and a jumpsuit that would reportedly make both Jem and the Holograms pretty jealous.

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'LoL' new skins

Blitzcrank might actually have the most powerful and dramatic makeover of all time. This would then turn the largest robot into a particular cat=powered mech. The whole Blitzcrank mech had actually gotten a few more interesting iterations starting with the new Krang-style stomach cockpit as just one of the few.

Kitty co-pilots both Crank and Blitz now got their very own design pass before ever hopping directly into the driver's seat. One thing that they especially got right was that responsible pilots always wear their helmets.

YouTube video by Remus shows the eight different skins that players are expected to get when the new "League of Legends" Space Groove comes out. Players will have to wait and see what the upcoming Space Groove has to offer them and how the new skins will bring to the whole game in general.


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