"Super Seducer 3" has captured the interests of many players, especially those who have a penchant for playing dating simulation games. However, fans have received bad news about the game from Steam developer, Valve.

Valve decided to ban the said simulator from the gaming platform. Before it was barred from the system, there were already 62,000 wishlists noted by the creator. The official page of the game also disappeared.

Why Valve Banned 'Super Seducer 3' On its Platform?

'Super Seducer 3' Now Banned on Steam; Game's Page, 61,700 Wish Lists Now Gone
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Richard LaRuina)

If you are wondering what the game is all about, it lets you play the role of a playboy who will depend on multiple choices to dictate your dating destiny with a lot of women.

According to a report by Eurogamer, the developer behind the game, Richard La Ruina, took a screenshot of the explanation from Valve.

It was said there that Steam does not allow explicit pictures of real people involving straightforward contents.

Since Valve released its explanation regarding this case, La Ruina has had a hard time addressing the problem to convince the publisher to release his game yet again. He even sought advice from a lawyer in hopes to regain the rights to make "Super Seducer 3" playable to all users.

Furthermore, La Ruina even begged Valve to give his team another chance. In another Valve reply, La Ruina said that they will not turn down the uncensored contents in the game.

From the looks of it, Valve could have listened to La Ruina's request. However, Valve sternly replied that they are neither re-reviewing nor selling the game on Steam.

"Super Seducer" was first released in 2018, where its sequel was published on the platform. Feb. 15 was the tentative release date of "Super Seducer 3," but it was stopped when Valve evaluated the contents of the game.

Last month, "Super Seducer 3" was a part of the free-game demo for the 2021 Steam Game Festival. It was only made available for an hour before it was cut for the demo.

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At the time, Steam was asking for a resubmission of the game's censored build so they could approve it for the official launch. However, Valve still did not allow "Super Seducer 3" to operate.

Besides Steam, both GOG and Epic Games also refused the approval to release "Super Seducer 3." The launch of the dating simulator game is also stopped in PlayStation in 2018.

Twitter Users React to Steam's Ban

Some players are looking forward to this game, but the possibility  of playing the game is already close to zero. One user said that Steam has a lot of games that feature inappropriate and explicit content, so banning "Super Seducer 3" would seem unfair on La Ruina's part.

Another user commented that he felt sorry for what happened to La Ruina. Some users called out Steam for their decision to ban the game, as they suggested that it should be re-reviewed and re-assessed.

The Person Behind 'Super Seducer 3'

'Super Seducer 3' Now Banned on Steam; Game's Page, 61,700 Wish Lists Now Gone
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Richard LaRuina)

According to Dexerto, La Ruina is a popular figure in Europe who excels as a dating coach. Many times, he has already received flak due to his contents that involve women. Despite that, streamers like Mizkif, TmartN, and Amourant are continuously playing the game on their page.

The main character in the game was played by La Ruina himself. He roams around a specific place in search of different women. The game is quite similar to "Tell-Tale" games, where the outcomes depend on the decision of the players.

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