Do You Deal with Vendors? This Software is for You
(Photo : Do You Deal with Vendors? This Software is for You )

For your business to succeed you need, a software that is reliable. A good software should provide effective communication, task management tools and organize vendor/ contractor payments, expenses and contracts among other features depending on the needs of your business. The tool should streamline communication and improve the productivity of the company. 

To enable you to use vendor management category, a RFP software must:

  • Provide supplier management support 

  • Offer contract management feature 

  • Import data   

  • Provide email support

    The best 7 vendor software are:

1. Airbase

It is absolutely free and suitable for small and midsize businesses. It has payable automation, corporate card program, automated employee expense reimbursement into one system. It builds accountability into the workplace. Any penny being spent in a company can be viewed by the stakeholders anytime. Airbase unlocks trapped talent and controls non payroll expenditure. It is a reputable software and companies like Segment and Getaround use it.

2. Genuity

The entry level price is only $29.99, let not the price stop you from purchasing. The software powers business to make important decisions about technology. Even an amateur can navigate it easily. You can easily import from a spreadsheet. It is integrated with maraki and ubiquiti. You are able to create contracts to vendors and also track their transaction. 

3. Onspring

It is an award winning platform made for businesses who want to scale. It deals with leadership, risk management, audit and vendors. Onspring simplifies your work in a business. It makes your everyday work easier and better-even without having an IT background, it is efficient and helps to create a holistic idea of governance. The customer support is friendly and reliable.

4. SAP Ariba

It manages your B2B transactions. Ariba makes it easy in this global competitive market place because it has developed trading partner collaboration. It is secure to communicate with your trading partners. Arabia helps businesses to improve sales, control expenditure and even manage cash. Invoices are received directly to Ariba, and have seamless procurement and integration. If you are in any part of the world you can still access it.

5. SAP Fieldglass

It provides services for external workers and procurement. It is flexible and can be tailored into one's needs, it is simple to operate the system, you don't need to be an IT guru, it rarely crashes its servers, a lot of reports can be created and deleted without any problem. There is always an explanation and most of all it is secure.   

6. Gatekeeper

Its price starts at $695.00 a month. It is a powerful tool that the price won't matter. Its seamless, minimizes a lot of risk in a business and increases value to vendors. It is very much useful with filling and tracking agreements, has scaled supplier management, flexible, and has versatile solutions.

7. Quick Base

It has streamlined the procurement process and has transparency. It solves business problems and gives people power to be innovators. It can be customized to fit your needs, has multiuser and the customer care is top notch in that when you post a question quick base genius answers on time.


Focus on finding the right tool for the growth of your business. If you choose the right tools, you can use it for a long term without the need for acquiring a new one. Consider any of the above software for your business.

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