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Finding the sought-after Nvidia RTX 3080 in the market has been near impossible, prompting enthusiasts to offer real-time stock updates on major retailers across the United States.

The rarity of the RTX 3080 has been increasingly frustrating and disappointing for most users as stocks remain for only two minutes on average, and there had been no official word as to when the restocks will be available.

According to a Tom's Guide report, it is highly likely that the RTX 3080 restock could arrive in mid-May 2021. Users looking to get their hands on the high-performance GPU as soon as it hits the shelves might want to set their eyes on the following retailers.

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RTX 3080: Best Places to Buy Online

On Monday, March 29, A Techradar article recommends users to keep their eyes on the following retailer sites to have better chances of getting the RTX 3080.


Users who wish to get their hands on the RTX 3080 fast despite its inflated prices may opt to buy the GPU from eBay. However, recent listings almost always end up skyrocketing to $2,000 or above.


The country's e-commerce giant has been spotted to have the RTX 3080 in stock consistently, but restock announcements are at random. Users may need to keep their eyes peeled as restocks happen without a pattern.


For those looking to buy a whole PC with RTX 3080 installed, one may choose to spend money on Dell's pre-built desktop PC. Apart from the GPU, Dell's Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 gaming desktop comes with the AMD RyzenTM 7 5800X processor that features the "Zen 3" Architecture for incredible energy efficiency and lower latency.


GameStop may have recently started carrying GPUs, but enthusiasts have seen the videogame retailer offering the RTX 3080 coupled with next-gen console restocks.

Best Buy

Best Buy is perhaps the best place to find the RTX 3080 in the country as it offers the fastest and easiest way to check out as soon as the GPU becomes available. Users could check out with Best Buy faster than their competitors could as long as they have their address and credit card details correctly set ahead of time.

Why is the RTX 3080 always out of stock?

WePC weighed Nvidia RTX 3080's availability issue and published its speculations in an article dated February 25.

According to them, one huge factor to the GPU's scarcity comes from the impact of the ongoing pandemic.

People worldwide have been trying to stay at home, and the disposable income freed up thanks to the new lifestyle prompted them to be scrolling for things to buy more often.

The increase in demand also gave rise to a practice called "scalping," wherein resellers buy a particular item in bulk for the sole purpose of selling them at incredibly high prices.

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