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Researchers Find Method To Make Light Go 30 Times Faster

In an experiment, the researchers demonstrated how they controlled the velocity of a pulse of light in free space without additional materials. They achieved the feat by using a device called spatial light modulator.

April 6, 2019

Scientists Use Light To Levitate Objects

A spaceship that can cross interstellar space without the need to carry a large amount of fuel? Researchers from Caltech have designed a method that can levitate and propel massive objects to distant locations using only light waves.

Energy March 20, 2019

Scientists Use Light And Sound To Clear Alzheimer's Plaque In Mice

Neuroscientists discovered that a combination of lights and sounds may help clear out brain plaques in patients with Alzheimer's Disease. The findings, although observed in mice, brought new hope that treatment breakthrough may be on its way.

Neuroscience March 16, 2019

Sony, Xiaomi Working With Light For Future Multi-Camera Phones

Xiaomi is working with Light on phones that can take DSLR-level photos. Sony, on the other hand, wants to integrate Light’s cameras with its image processing system.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 28, 2019

A Company Might Be Developing A Smartphone With As Many As 9 Cameras

Light, a company that makes devices with a lot of cameras, might soon release a smartphone with up to nine lenses. It will apparently be able to take 64-megapixel shots.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 2, 2018

Bizarre Blue Asteroid 3200 Phaethon Reflects Light In A Peculiar Way

Scientists found that an unusually blue asteroid that whizzed dangerously close to Earth last year is reflecting light in a peculiar way. The light that hits Phaethon is some of the most polarized light in the solar system.

Space July 2, 2018

New Cloaking Technology Makes Real-Life Invisibility Cloaks Possible

Researchers developed a new device that can make things invisible when illuminated by the sun. The device could pave the way for technology that powers a real-life invisibility cloak, just like Harry Potter’s.

June 30, 2018

Light Pollution Linked To Decline In Insect Population: Here's How Artificial Lighting At Night Can Affect You

Light pollution has contributed to the declining population of insects. Exposure to artificial light at night has also been associated with a range of impact on human health.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

Scientists Created New Form Of Light With Potential Use In Quantum Computing

In experiments, researchers created a new form of photon that can attract or entangle each other just like atom-size lightsabers. The new photonic matter is also slower than normal light.

Energy February 16, 2018

Dim Light Can Change Brain Structure And Impair Memory

Findings of an animal study showed that frequently staying in dimly-lit room can change the brain's structure and impair ability to learn and remember. How does dim light affect memory and learning?

Neuroscience February 6, 2018

Light Pollution Is Spreading: Here's How This Will Affect Human Health

Using satellite data, researchers found that Earth gets brighter at night because of artificial lighting. What are some of the potential effects of light pollution on human health?

Earth/Environment November 26, 2017

LED Lights Were Supposed To Solve The Light Pollution Problem, But They Made Things Worse

Outdoor LED lights, with their energy-saving capabilities, were supposed to help solve the light pollution problem. However, the technology has backfired and made things worse, with the Earth slowly losing its nights to artificial light.

Earth/Environment November 22, 2017

Pitch Black Exoplanet: Hot Jupiter WASP-12b Reflects No Light

Albedo measurements of the exoplanet WASP-12b suggest that the hot Jupiter, located about 1,400 light years away, appears pitch black. What causes the gas giant to reflect no light?

Space September 15, 2017

Artificial Lights Have A Negative Impact On Nighttime Pollination: Study

A new study finds that nocturnal pollinators visit plots with artificial lighting less compared to plots that remain dark. Researchers call for urgent action to reduce the negative impacts of artificial lighting on plant-pollinator interactions.

Earth/Environment August 3, 2017

Mysterious Light Flashes Caught By NASA Camera 1 Million Miles Away From Earth

What could be causing the mysterious flashes of light captured by the EPIC camera of the DSCOVR satellite? Here's a quick clue that scientists used: ice crystals up in the atmosphere.

Space May 16, 2017

What Causes The Crackling Sounds Made By Meteors?

A team of scientists in New Mexico sought out to investigate what causes the crackling sounds made by meteors when they fall to Earth. Researchers suggest such a phenomenon may be created by light.

Space February 8, 2017

‘Sonic Boom’ Of Light From Optical Mach Cone Captured For The First Time

Researchers from the University of Washington in St. Louis have captured a photonic Mach cone, or a sonic boom of light on video, using probably the world’s fastest camera.

Material Science January 24, 2017

Coldest Object On Record: Squeezed Light Makes Miscroscopic Drum 10,000 Times Colder Than Vacuum Of Space

Physicists have managed to cool down a microscopic drum using a technique that involves using squeezed light. How did the technique cool down the object to a temperature 10,000 times colder than the vacuum of space?

Material Science January 12, 2017

Another Star Exhibits Mysterious Dimming: Clouds In Magnetosphere Likely The Cause

NASA's Kepler observatory spotted another star with a bizarre dimming of light, similar to what was observed in the 'alien megastructure star' KIC 8462852. Scientists think the dimming of RIK-210 is caused by clouds of particles in the magnetosphere.

Space December 24, 2016

Antimatter Light Spectrum Observed For The First Time

Antimatter atom has been measured and the properties were validated against matter using optical spectrum. The new study also opens up a new era in high-precision antimatter research as shown by the CERN antimatter community.

Energy December 21, 2016

CERN Scientists Use Laser To Observe Light Spectrum Of Antimatter [Video]

CERN scientists were able to compare the light spectrums of matter and antimatter by blasting anti-hydrogen atoms with laser. How did the result fare with predictions of the Standard Model of particle physics?

Energy December 19, 2016

Metallic Blue Leaves Of Begonia Pavonina Help Tropical Plant Survive In Dark Rainforests

The Begonia pavonina that lives in the dim rainforests of southeast Asia has metallic blue leaves. What is behind this color and how does it help the tropical plant adapt to its environment?

Earth/Environment October 24, 2016

US Cities Reconsider LED Streetlights After AMA Warning

Cities in the United States are likely to reevaluate their use of high-intensity LED lights after a warning in June linked the bulbs to several health conditions. Others, however, are not convinced of the light's negative effects.

Public Health September 26, 2016

Scientists Produce 'Polymer Opals' That Scatter Light In Intense Colors

Scientists have developed a new rubber band-like material that can scatter light in intense colors when stretched or twisted. The new ‘polymer opals’ can be manufactured at a massive scale, suggesting it can have a wide range of applications.

Material Science June 6, 2016

Bright Light And Food Choices: Diners Likely To Order Healthier Items From Menu In Well-Lit Room

Bright lights could encourage healthy eating. A new study found that diners are more likely to order healthier food items when dining in well-lit establishments.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 27, 2016

Bright Light Can Influence Metabolism And Insulin Resistance

Exposure to light sources influences sleep patterns. Now, a new study shows it may also affect metabolism and insulin resistance.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 21, 2016

Molecular Imaging Technique Shows Protein Changes Involved In Vision

Scientists have tracked protein reaction to light, deemed the first real-time snapshots of ultra-fast reactions in a bacterial light sensor. This is seen to help us better understand life-sustaining processes such as human vision.

Energy May 8, 2016

Reflected Light Holds Clue To Atmospheric Makeup Of Eccentric Planet HD 20782

The highly elliptical orbit of exoplanet HD 20782 is unlike anything seen in our solar system. Its reflected light, too, may be key in studying its planetary atmosphere, one that can hurdle a brief yet blistering exposure to its star.

Space March 20, 2016

These Fashionable Glasses Block Blue Light To Give You Better Sleep

Sleep is an important way for the body to rejuvinate. Sleeping with artificial light disrupts the natural sleep cycle and the amount of sleep hormones produced in the body.

Life January 20, 2016

Flexible Film May Pave Way For Portable Cancer Detector

A thin, flexible film developed by researchers from the University of Michigan can detect biomarkers of cancer in the blood. It may eventually lead to the development of phone-sized cancer detection devices.

Life January 17, 2016

Researchers Study How Light Behaves In Curved Spaces

Measuring light in space can now be simulated in the lab, thanks to the efforts of researchers from Germany. The new method of studying light in curved spaces can be used to determine the sizes of stars close to the sun.

Space January 16, 2016

MIT Researchers Develop An Incandescent Light Bulb That Partially Uses Its Own Heat For Power

Researchers from MIT created an incandescent light bulb that has a special filter that allows it to recycle heat to serve as a source of power.

FUTURE TECH January 13, 2016

Laser-Armed Spy Camera Can See Around Corners In Nearly Real Time

A laser spy camera can now locate moving objects hidden around corners. In the future, this laser camera is expected to assist drivers in working their way around bends to avoid collisions.

December 8, 2015

The Elgato Avea Flare Is A Mood Lamp That Wirelessly Charges For 8 Hours Of Use

Elgato has released a new product called the Avea Flare, which is a lamp that charges wirelessly and can be used for eight hours, setting the mood of the room that it's in.

Gadgets November 12, 2015

Scientists Create Blackest Material Ever Made: Nanostructures Absorb 99 Percent Of Light

How dark is the deepest shade of black? Just in time for Halloween, scientists have created the blackest material to date. It's so dark that it destroys all light, well almost.

Energy October 27, 2015

Light Unveils The 16-Camera L16: DSLR Quality In A Pocket-Sized Device

To address the issues found in smartphone cameras, Light used 16 tiny cameras in the L16. According to Light CEO and co-founder Dave Grannan, the L16 is able to provide all the functionality of a $6,000 DSLR camera gear.

Gadgets October 8, 2015

Researchers Unveil Ultrathin Material That Could Turn You Invisible

An ultrathin invisibility cloak has finally been developed by a group of researchers who have been working on it for about a decade. The invention is said to have valuable applications in optical computers, 3D displays and microscopes.

September 18, 2015

Researchers Create 'Molecules' Made Out Of Light

Physicists found a way to bind photons to form a two-atom molecule characterized by a strange type of force. The process could pave way to improvements in modern technologies that are based on light.

September 15, 2015

Color Perception Changes Between Seasons And The Proof Is Yellow: Study

Why do people see unique yellow nearly the same way around the globe? How could seasonal changes affect vision?

August 9, 2015

A Quantum Entanglement Wedding Can Really Tie The Knot In Las Vegas

The Art Motel in Las Vegas has a new room, where they say a couple may join together though quantum entanglement. Is this the hot new trend in marriage?

August 6, 2015

Set The Mood By Changing The Color Of Room Lighting With The Ilumi Smartbulb

Use your smartphone as a remote to adjust the color of lighting in a room with the new 'smart' lightbulb and app from ilumi solutions.

Gadgets July 17, 2015

Ready That Camera, The Last 'Manhattanhenge' Of 2015 Happens Today

New Yorkers are expected to gather in large crowds as the last Manhattanhenge for 2015 is set to happen. People are also expected to ready their cameras as the sun spectacularly bathes the city in its glorious golden rays.

Earth/Environment July 13, 2015

Study Reveals Human Super Sense That Can Detect 'Third Property Of Light'

Experts found that human eyes have the capability to see the third property of light aside from color and brightness. The super sense that the researchers discovered is said to be unknown to the majority of the population, including scientists.

Life July 1, 2015

Biological Clock Relies On Color Of Light Not Brightness: Some Tips To Help Reset Your Body Clock

Not sleeping right? It may have to do with the light you’re being exposed to. Reset your body clock and start sleeping better soon with these tips.

Internet Culture April 20, 2015

New Way Of Controlling Light May Improve Superfast Computing

Optical processors are one step closer to reality after reasearchers developed a new means of bending light.

March 20, 2015

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