On Monday, March 29, Apple begins to expand its independent repair program overseas. This will make it easier for people to get their devices fixed at a lower cost. Businesses can also apply to become part of the program.

Apple Expands its independent repair service

Apple Expands Independent Repair Provider Program Over Seas; How to apply
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Apple Expands Independent Repair Provider Program Over Seas; How to apply

To get an Apple product repaired, you have to go to the Apple store or get it done at a large independent repair shop.

If you live someplace that offers limited choices, Apple's announcement of its Independent Repair Provider program's expansion may change that.

According to TheVerge, the company plans to expand its repair program to "nearly every country in which the products are sold," so you may soon find someone in your neighborhood fixing your broken device.

Currently, the program is only available in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Apple's announcement indicates that repair providers from countries including Australia, Japan, and Korea will join this week, with providers from more countries joining the program shortly.

If a provider applies to participate, he or she may purchase a limited array of first-party products such as batteries, screens, and diagnostic tools.

While local repair shops will perform the most common repairs with Apple-approved parts.

Apple must handle exotic parts via one of its authorized service providers or risk voiding warranty or being rendered unsupportable in the future.

If you are an Apple repair technician, you should also be aware of other things. It's reported that Apple has the right to inspect repair shops and fine them if they find anything amiss.

The company can impose a fine of $1,000 per transaction on any repair shop that uses counterfeit parts in more than two percent of repairs, according to TheVerge.

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How to become an Independent Repair Provider

Apple Expands Independent Repair Provider Program Over Seas; How to apply
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Apple Expands Independent Repair Provider Program Over Seas; How to apply

According to 9to5Mac, Apple states there are no costs associated with joining the Independent Repair Provider program.

Repair providers need to commit to having an Apple-certified technician complete the repairs. The procedure for certification is straightforward and free of charge.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Repair Provider, here is some information from the Apple Support website to help you get started.


  • Business and operational requirements

Businesses applying for partnership must-have business verification credentials available for Apple's review. Apple's repair tools, training, service guides, and diagnostics must remain confidential.

  • Premises

The eligible company must have an easily accessible commercial walk-in service location. Residential property is not acceptable as a service location.

  • Technician Certification

Participating service providers that use genuine Apple parts must have Apple-certified technicians complete the repairs.

To become certified to repair Apple products, you must pass an exam offered by an online Authorized Testing Center. This certification is updated annually per model. For businesses that are approved as Independent Repair Providers, the certification exam fees are waived.

The company is accepting applications only from businesses located in the United States.

You must send an email containing the completed Independent Repair Provider Notification of Interest form from their support page to IRPapplicant@apple.com.

You will be required to provide relevant information about your company so that Apple can evaluate whether your organization is eligible to participate in the Independent Repair Provider program.

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