Environmentally Friendly NFT: Company Creates way to Offset Blockchain Power Consumptions
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Environmentally Friendly NFT: Company Creates way to Offset Blockchain Power Consumptions

NFTs have started to become very popular as the world learns more about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been open about his fondness for cryptocurrency and NFTs, thus adding to its popularity. Meanwhile, one company has recently created a way to offset blockchain power consumption.

NFT High-Profile Individuals

Grimes, the mother of Elon Musk's most recent child, has dabbled into NFTs, and according to The Verge, she was able to gain a whopping $6 million in NFT sales. The creativity around NFTs isn't limited to art alone with memes and other digital items being sold as well.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey sold the first Tweet ever for a whopping $2.9 million, according to CNBC. This shows that NFTs can go beyond conventional art and can be other things existing in a webspace. The downside of NFTs, crypto, and blockchain is that it does consume a massive amount of power due to it being digital.

NFT Blockchain

A certain sustainability platform called Aerial actually wants to help NFT owners by providing a way for them to offset the total heavy environmental footprint of minting NFTs. According to Hypebeast, while some critics have now chalked up the mysterious blockchain asset to form maybe just hype, other celebrities, artists, and even musicians have now started to offer their digitized work as NFTs to enthusiastic collectors at quite hefty prices.

There has also been a lot of discussions regarding the environmental use of blockchain technologies when minting these NFTs. New blocks of additional information are added, or in blockchain terms, "minted," to a new decentralized blockchain network through a process also known as the proof-of-work, which would require expensive computer hardware to consume a significant amount of power.

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Aerial Environment-Friendly NFT

Aerial platform's new online NFT tool would allow users to calculate the NFT carbon footprint they leave behind and even instantly offset the emissions through carbon capture programs and verified carbon offset. The climate action company now says that while advances are also being made to decrease the carbon cost of the official blockchain technology, individuals can still take action to help the planet.

Ebby Amir, Aerial co-founder, noted in a recent press release that while carbon offsets are not technically a perfect solution, they still do provide an immediate way in order to start tackling the significant environmental effects of the current boom in NFT. Many celebrities, including street artists Mr. Brainwash and Calvin Harris, have been using the rising Aerial online tool for them to offset their very own NFTs. In other news, a brand new pitch competition called the NFTs: The Pitch is now inviting creators from all around the world to submit their ideas and even products that might help innovate the whole NFT market.

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