On Tuesday, April 5th, Gazelle, a company that purchases old iPhones, iPads, and Macs, has once again resumed their device trade-in program after terminating it in February. The company has changed its mind about closing its online trade-in offer. A Gazelle representative clarified that the program resumed accepting new submissions.

Why Did Gazelle Stop Offering the Online Trade-In?

Gazelle Allows Users To Trade in Their Phones Once More
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Gazelle Allows Users To Trade in Their Phones Once More

The Verge mentions that Gazelle has emerged as one of the leading companies offering trade-ins for mobile equipment. It is no surprise that business models in the U.S. mobile phone industry changed dramatically after the sector decided to switch from two-year contracts and bulk device purchases to phone leasing with carriers and manufacturers, such as Apple.

According to Macrumors, Gazelle announced last year that it would cease operating its online phone trade-in program on February 1st, 2021. However, the company said that it would continue to work its in-person trade-in kiosks through parent company ecoATM.

Gazelle confirmed that the rewards program does not have a reintroduction plan in an email message. "We will continue to analyze the market conditions, and we will inform you if that changes," the email reads.

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Gazelle's Return to Online Trade

Gazelle Allows Users To Trade in Their Phones Once More
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Gazelle Allows Users To Trade in Their Phones Once More

Gazelle, a trade-in service, discontinued business at the end of February. However, the company has asserted it will be pleased to announce that it will be continuing the business. Gazelle accepts trade-ins among some of the most commonly used smartphones such as Apple iPhones, Samsung phones, Apple iPads, and Google Pixels on its website. A Gazelle representative clarified that new submissions began to be accepted by Gazelle on April 5th.

An earlier report indicated that Gazelle would no longer be accepting trade-ins as a way to recoup losses. We will keep Gazelle Trade-In running since they reviewed the feedback from customers like you and decided to keep it on. In an email from Gazelle, "The team is pleased to announce, 'We're back, baby!' The email noted that the company is delighted to announce.

Gazelle Trade-In was established years ago as a pioneer in the electronics trade-in space, and they. They are proud to continue expanding our footprint with a straightforward approach to trade-ins that assures immediate payouts when unwanted devices are returned.

If you wanted to turn your phone in, Gazelle offers some tips on how to do this easily.

  • Step One: Identify Your iPhone Model.

To trade in your iPhone, you will first need to identify the phone you currently have. Most iPhones have the model name and the internal storage capacity visible on the back, so completing this step is straightforward.

  • What's the Condition of your Phone?

An excellent way to estimate the worth of your iPhone is to evaluate its general condition. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Check the main functions, such as the camera, accelerometer, and charging port, and determine if they perform as expected.

Identify any evidence of water damage on the iPhone.

Determine the phone's appearance by counting the number of scratches, dead pixels, dents, and cracks on it.

  • Prepare Your iPhone for Sale.

You might be aware of your iPhone's model and price but are confused about the logistics of preparing it for trade-in. Despite the confusion you might have, it is essential to backup your iPhone and reset it before trade-in.

  • Getting an Estimate from Gazelle

After you have prepared your iPhone for trade-in, it is time for you to get an estimate from Gazelle.

Choose your device, configuration, and condition.

In this case, the device must have a worth of more than $1 to be eligible for free shipping.

Choose your preferred method of payment: Amazon gift card, PayPal, or check. The payout time is typically in 2 or 3 days.

  • Packaging Your iPhone for Trade-In

Many people wonder what the best techniques are when packaging their iPhone for trade-in. Here are some tips:

The device should be encapsulated in bubble wrap.

The addition of packing peanuts to the shipment

Make sure the box is securely taped shut with durable packing tape.

  • Get Paid to Trade In Your Old iPhone Today

Is it time to trade in your device and earn cash? Head over to the Trade In-Store and sell your iPhone today, or send it to Gazelle.

With that, you will be able to sell any of your old phones you might have laying around.

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