The upcoming "Final Fantasy XVI" is rumored to be not exclusive to the Playstation 5, according to DualShockers' report on Thursday, Apr. 8,

The news comes after a new listing on PlayStation Australia's PS5 games page notes that "Final Fantasy 16" would only be a timed PS5 console exclusive.

The rumor could come as good news for both Xbox fans and PC gamers, thanks to the Twitter user who spotted the surprising fine print.

Final Fantasy XVI Teaser Poster
(Photo : Final Fantasy XVI Official Page)

'Final Fantasy XVI': Xbox Rumors and Release Date Predictions

Miraculous Maku posted the discovery on Twitter on Apr. 6, adding that Sony indirectly mentioned the possibility that the game may eventually be released on other platforms.


The rumor began during the "Final Fantasy XVI's" reveal on Sept. 2020, when the announcement slide stated it was a time-limited PS5 game.

However, both Square Enix and Sony removed all mentions of "timed exclusive" in the game's announcement trailer, hinting that it is permanently exclusive to PS5.

Additionally, "Final Fantasy XVI" was tipped to come to PC after the trailer indicated its PC release. However Square Enix responded, saying, "We have no further information on if Final Fantasy 16 will be released on platforms other than PS5."

While the release date for "Final Fantasy XVI" had not yet been confirmed, Tech Radar previously speculated that the game might be released sooner than anticipated.

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Japan Votes: Which 'Final Fantasy' Game, Character is the Best?

The iconic "Final Fantasy" franchise remains one of the best-selling video games of all time, and its remake of the most famous installment, the "Final Fantasy VII," continues to receive praise from its ever-loyal fans.

To end the debate as to which "Final Fantasy" game deserves to be on top, Japan's public broadcaster NHK launched a survey on Dec. 2019, wherein 468,654 joined in and cast their votes.

Surprisingly, "Final Fantasy X" emerged as Japan's choice for the Best "Final Fantasy" game, beating "Final Fantasy VII" in an unknown margin.

It is not a complete loss for the latter, as "Final Fantasy VII's" protagonist, Cloud, emerged as the Best "Final Fantasy" character with Aerith not far behind.

Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife
(Photo : Square Enix Official Press Release)

The full lists are as follows:

NHK Japan Poll - Best Final Fantasy Games

  1. Final Fantasy X
  2. Final Fantasy VII
  3. Final Fantasy VI
  4. Final Fantasy IX
  5. Final Fantasy XIV
  6. Final Fantasy V
  7. Final Fantasy VIII
  8. Final Fantasy IV
  9. Final Fantasy XI
  10. Final Fantasy XV

NHK Japan Poll - Best Final Fantasy Characters

  1. Cloud (VII)
  2. Yuna (X)
  3. Aeris (VII)
  4. Vivi (IX)
  5. Zidane (IX)
  6. Solus zos Galvus (XIV)
  7. Tidus (X)
  8. Lightning (XIII)
  9. Tifa (VII)
  10. Zack (VII)

It is worth noting that while older "Final Fantasy" titles made it to the best game list, but none of the characters before "Final Fantasy VII" made it on the best character list.

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