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(Photo : Youtube/ Joltzdude139) Borderlands 3 video game update

A major update for "Borderlands 3" and its Director's Cut add-on goes live on Apr. 8 at 12PM PT or 3PM ET, and it introduces a lot of new changes to the video game.

The main pieces of new content to the Director's Cut include the new raid boss Hemovorous and a series of murder mysteries that will be investigated by Ava.

Borderlands 3 update

Aside from the fresh adventures, Director's Cut owners can now take advantage of a new progression system that is known as Vault Cards, as per Newsweek.

Vault Cards allow game players to unlock themed cosmetics and scaled gear based on completing daily and weekly challenges.

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The update also adds gear to the Designer's Cut, as well as cosmetic packs for those who own Season Pass 2. The Director's Cut and Designer's Cut are both included in the Season Pass 2, which is a $30 paid DLC.

In terms of base game content, the update introduces Maurice's Black Market Vending Machine, it is a hidden vendor who sells legendary loot, and whose location changes weekly.

Also, players can look out for Crazy Earl's Reroll Machine, which allows you to reroll an existing anointment on any gear. This patch makes a lot of wide-ranging changes to the video game, according to Nintendo Life.

New content included in Director's Cut

In the game's Director's Cut, players can go toe-to-pincer with Hemovorous who made her lair behind a previously sealed door on Pandora.

To take on Hemovorous, players will need to complete the main story campaign and own the Director's Cut content, as per Games Radar.

Players will receive the raid mission from inside Claptrap's closet on Sanctuary III. It will cost 500 Eridium for the player's group to open the door, giving the player the opportunity for new loot if the player succeed.

Added support for Ava's Murder Mysteries

In the Director's Cut, Ava is convinced that she has a lead on some potentially supernatural slayings and has decided to document her findings in serialized podcast form.

Players can consider themselves Ava's gun-toting co-host as they investigate strange happenings on Promethea, Pandora, Eden-6, and Nekrotafeyo in search of answers with the help of some familiar faces.

Added Behind-the-Scenes Content

A new menu option is available to Director's Cut owners. They can now explore a gallery full of concept art, lost maps, storyboards, and footage from throughout the game's development, including a special animatic for Maya that was not able to make it to "Borderlands 3."

Added support for Vault Cards and their rewards

The Vault Cards are a new challenge-based progression system in "Borderlands 3" that will unlock a bevy of themed cosmetics plus some supremely powerful gear that scales to the players level.

The Vault Cards will have three Daily Challenges and one multi-tiered Weekly Challenge each. The Daily Challenges will reset at 9:00 AM PT every day and the Weekly Challenges will reset at 9:00 AM PT every Thursday.

New base game content

The Director's Cut includes new base game contents. There will be added support for the Maurice's Black Market Vending Machine, added support for Crazy Earl's Reroll Machine and there will be an opened the Diamond Armory on Sanctuary III.

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