Intel for Cars: Company Aims to Help Fight the Global Semiconductor Shortage by Amping Manufacturing in the US and EU
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Intel for Cars: Company Aims to Help Fight the Global Semiconductor Shortage by Amping Manufacturing in the US and EU

Intel is now in talks with highly respected automakers in order to help produce semiconductor chips for cars. This move can be seen as an attempt to help fight against the global semiconductor shortage which has been crippling the manufacturing of highly in demand products like the Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs, PS5, Xbox Series X, and of course, cars (especially electric cars).

Intel CEO Announces Timeline

As reported by Reuters, the tech giant actually aims to produce these chips within a tight timeline of just six to nine months. The statement came from Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, given to Reuters after a White House summit that was held on Monday along with tech leaders when it came to the global semiconductor shortage. Intel also currently makes chips that are already powering computers and phones.

According to the story by CNet, in order to address this global shortage, Intel is planning to invest a whopping $20 billion in order to fund two new chip plants over in Arizona. This was according to Gelsinger's statement on Monday shedding light on Intel's plans for the future and how to help combat the global semiconductor shortage.

Intel Semiconductor Shortage Resolution

The White House reportedly met with different CEOs from not just Intel. The meeting reportedly included other CEOs from Samsung, Dell, Ford, AT&T, HP, General Motors, Alphabet, and even more companies. Due to the global chip shortage, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, and the other automakers have been having a really hard time obtaining ascertain chips needed in car production. This would then result in the companies having to chop their production due to not being able to produce cars at full capacity.

The president actually signed a specific executive order back in February aiming to improve the whole semiconductor chip supply chain. This even included a whole 100-day review noting they need to make sure that the supply chains are both reliable and secure. The president also noted during that time that semiconductor chips power everything from phones to cars and even to medical devices.

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Semiconductor Shortage 2021

The importance of chips is undeniable and with the global semiconductor shortage, certain technologies needing that chip component will be struggling to manufacture. The global semiconductor shortage has halted the production of numerous products which is why although the PS5 was launched back in November, there are still a lot of people who haven't been able to purchase a console.

With Intel joining the battle to combat the global semiconductor shortage, things might turn up and companies might be able to manufacture what they need to manufacture. Of course, this still completely depends on Intel's performance when it comes to dealing with the global semiconductor shortage. Through increased production, however, hopes of the global semiconductor shortage coming to an end might finally see the light.

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