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OnePlus Watch dreams have been brewing for years. In 2016, OnePlus' former CEO Carl Pei tweeted sketches of a wearable that the company had been working on for at least a year, but that device never came to light.

After 5 years, the world of wearables is a lot different. Devices from Samsung, Apple, and Fitbit have matured and found their identities, while Wear OS appears to be in chrysalis.

OnePlus wants to enter this industry, and it needs a way to stand out against its competitors. Instead of relying on Google's Wear OS for its smartwatch debut, the company has come up with its own software.

Smartwatches usually take hours to charge, but OnePlus promises a week's worth of battery life withn just 20 minutes of charge. With a price tag of $159, people are wondering if it is worth buying, but critics are not pleased with the features.

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OnePlus Watch design and hardware

The design of the watch is too large for some users, and unfortunately there is only one size available. At 46mm, the OnePlus Watch's case covers the entire wrist of users with slender arms, according to the report by The Verge

The strap was too loose for some. That means they need to keep pushing the watch up of their forearm while walking or working out.

The problem with this is that the watch can't get an accurate heart rate readings because it won't stay in place. The buckle closure makes it hard to put on as well.

OnePlus Watch's 1.39-inch AMOLED screen is great. The screen is roomy, making it easy to read.

However, it does not have an Always On mode and the maximum screen timeout option is just 8 seconds, as per GSMArena, making it hard to check for updates.

Setup and health tracking

Users will need to install the OnePlus Health app from the Google Play Store in order to manage the watch and to sync data. The app is easy to use but is unrefined, as per Tom's Guide.

There are 3 buttons at the bottom of the Health, Fitness, and Manage sections, and most of the watch's setting can be found in the last panel.

However, there is a little icon on the top right of the screen that looks like a gear wheel, and some settings have to be set there instead.

Under the Health section, it will show the user's progress on sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen and stress, with a card for workout logs at the end.

The total number of minutes, sessions and calories are located at the top. The Fitness section just shows the user's logged runs and walks, and nothing else.

Battery life and charging speed

Although the features, hardware, and software were criticized, OnePlus Watch's saving grace is its battery life. Even after using GPS and constantly tracking your workout, you will still have days worth of battery life.

The recharge time is also very impressive. Within 5 to 10 minutes of plugging the watch in, you will see a significant increase in its battery life.

The battery life and charging speed are impressive, but the rest of the parts of the watch are underwhelming, according to the reviews. But if you are looking for an affordable smartwatch with the basic features for a starter smart watch, then OnePlus Watch is something to consider getting.

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