[Look] Tsukumo and Kojima Productions Launches 'Death Stranding' Computer Case: How to buy
(Photo : Screenshot From Shop.Tsukumo.jp Website) [Look] Tsukumo and Kojima Productions Launches 'Death Stranding' Computer Case: How to buy

Kojima Productions has just recently announced a new hardware that rocks the "Death Stranding" design. Imagine a computer case rocking the latest of Kojima's masterpieces, "Death Stranding!" It's finally here as a surprise and the pictures have been uploaded online.

'Death Stranding' Custom PC Case

The official Kojima Productions English page on Twitter posted the addition of a "Death Stranding" computer case. The case rocks a very minimalistic design, not going overboard, but only using colors associated with the recent Kojima game. While most other game-inspired hardware contains really intricate designs associated with the game, the "Death Stranding" computer case goes melancholic which is quite appropriate to the game.

The only iconic part of the computer case is the actual Bridges logo which is stuck to it. Everything else embodies the barren, sleak, and melancholic vibe of the game but the BRIDGES logo really stands out. For those that have played the game, the gravity of this logo can be understood.

Tsukumo 'Death Stranding' PC Case

According to the official website posting, Project White Co., Ltd which is known to sell PC peripherals as well as computer systems right under the Tsukumo brand, will finally be launching the custom computer case with the really special design "Death Stranding." The game was described as an "action game" that was developed by none other than Kojima Productions and was published by the iconic 505 Games for PC. The launch is expected to go live on April 19, 2021.

The website noted that the "Death Stranding" specially customized case is actually a product of the collaboration between both Tsukumo as well as Kojima Productions with the design that is inspired by the supplies of the game organization Bridges. For gamers that have tried the game, Bridges is something that is very recognizable not just because of what they do, but also because of the certain motif that they rock.

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Can You Buy 'Death Stranding' on PC? 

The reason why this computer case is so exciting is because for the promotion, there was actually a "special movie" made with esteemed overseas developers like John Kurlander for the sound mix, Erasmus Brosdau as the film director, and Cris Velasco for the music composition. The special movie was also reportedly done in cooperation with SAFEHOUSE Incc., President/CEO Hiroaki Yura, which is known as a real time rendered film production company.

The one minute "special movie" was uploaded to the official Tsukumo YouTube channel showing what seems to be the actual PC case and a closeup to its sleek details like USB ports and more. The short movie was also shot in a somewhat "Death Stranding"-style way.


How to Buy 'Death Stranding' PC Case

While "Death Stranding" has been met with some contradicting reviews with some people loving the game and some people hating it, the game is definitely another Kojima masterpiece based on the art itself. For those interested to buy the "Death Stranding" PC case, click here.

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