Android 12 leaks have been creating a clear picture of how the new operating system from Google would look like, showing the different features to make the user experience better, particularly with freeing up space. The feature of hibernating unused applications is fairly new to Android but is something the iOS has already observed.

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Google Android 12

While the release date of Android 12 remains in "TBA" in status (to be announced), the sure thing is that it would see a release date this 2021 for all users of the Android platform from Google. The public beta trial version signup has already begun last February, and people have already received their download to experience the software. 

There are already different leaks that have been released to the public before the release of Android 12, and it has painted a clear image of what the upcoming mobile platform software of Google would look like. One of the most important and useful features is this new leak, as it promotes the well-being of the smartphone that may affect performance and usage. 

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Android 12 Leaks: Hibernate Unused Applications for Storage

Android 12 Leaks
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While most devices have massive storage with Android smartphones and most of them still offer an expandable storage capability, Google is aiming to release this new feature to help in changing that. Recently, most Android devices have also transitioned to internal storage and do not allow SD cards to add to their current status. 

According to XDA Developer's recent discovery, Android 12 has added a new feature for its software and it gives the device the capability to choose among the pool of installed applications and hibernate them. The process of hibernation is to free up storage on a device, but at the same time, keep the app and its data within the smartphone.

Android 12
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Instead of the massive storage that an application takes up within the smartphone, it would only hold a fraction of it until the user decides to use it again and wake it up from its slumber. However, taking it out of hibernation would prompt additional tweaks, configurations, and downloads, depending on the developer of the application. 

Android 12 Resembles iOS' Offloading Apps

iOS Offload Apps
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iOS Offloading applications from downloaded and pre-built.

Android 12 may have only added this feature now, but it has been a significant one for Apple's iOS users, which have been known to have internal storage since day one. The offloading of installed applications on the iPhones have been around since iOS 11 which was released last 2017 and has been beneficial for limited storage. 

This was a nifty feature, especially for people who do not want to lose the application, rather set them aside and give storage back to the user for the time being or until reuse. This feature is still available for iOS 14 and could be toggled automatically via the phone's settings. 

Android 12 could give significant improvements and storage flexibility to its users if it hibernates apps until they need to use it. 

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