"Apple AirTags vs. Tile" is one of the most searched queries in Google and other social media platforms as the new object tracker from the Cupertino company debuted for people to prevent losing things. However, some speculations claimed it was a copy from Tile, as part of the "monopolistic" and antitrust approach of Apple, known to be caught up in this.

AirTags from Spring Loaded Event
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been gunning for the different Big Tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and others for the Antitrust laws which they allegedly breached. These companies' growth, ventures, and products were all under review from the FTC to determine if they have violated any laws of commerce and business.

The Antitrust presents a fair and level playing field for all American businesses for all of the industries, and it does not matter if it is big or small as it aims to promote equity among all. Recently, Apple was caught in an antitrust issue in France, saying that its recent iOS 14.4 have been running personalized advertisements without people's consent.

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Apple AirTags vs. Tile

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According to a report from The Hill, while it was a joy for Apple to release its awaited AirTags to the public, it is not something to be marveled upon, as it was a "copy" from a Bluetooth tracker company called "Tile." This venture from Apple was rumored and speculated since last 2020, and has been awaited from the company.

The harsh words against Apple for the AirTags-Tile copy came from the Coalition for App Fairness, which targets the Cupertino company's products and performance in the industry. Here, they release different statements which give new perspectives on Apple's releases and innovations that are allegedly violating the antitrust laws.

Being a massive company that has established itself worldwide, Apple has the power to sell almost anything, despite being rip-offs or copies from other companies, says the Coalition. They have been appealing to different authorities regarding Apple's releases, and the most recent attack of the group was against the AirTags.

Apple Antitrust Again?

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Currently, there is no FTC enforcement on the Antitrust laws against Apple regarding the release of the AirTags that were said to be "rip-offs" from Tile or other companies that released recently. However, the Coalition has already been pushing for petitions against the Cupertino company, with regards to the April 20 released Bluetooth trackers.

Apple has a pending antitrust case with FTC, going alongside Google, which requires them to send witnesses to the hearing with several senators.

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