The OnePlus Watch was a mess when it debuted, but a lot of its flaws can be addressed through software updates.

On Apr. 21, OnePlus is releasing the first post-launch update for the OnePlus Watch, with better step tracking, notification upgrade, and more.

OnePlus Watch upgrade

According to the OnePlus forums, the software version B.40 for the OnePlus Watch is rolling out now in the United States and Canada. It will expand to other regions in the near future. The update is for the OnePlus Watch itself, not for the Health app on the phone.

OnePlus explains a changelog that addresses a few key issues brought up by reviewers. Apparently, this update will work on the accuracy of general activity tracking for walking and running.

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That seems like it will fix the inconsistent step tracking that some found on the OnePlus Watch. The update will also work on GPS, heart rate monitoring, and raise-to-wake functions in a similar vein.

To work on the software itself, OnePlus will add icons to the notification section in order to help users differentiate each notification.

The syncing notification algorithm will also be optimized. OnePlus says some of the known bugs will be fixed, and system stability will be improved too.

OnePlus further explains that future updates will bring support for an Always-On Display feature, add support for German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish languages, a camera remote, and deliver 110 workout modes. A future update will also address the lack of the 12-hour time format on digital clocks.

The update does not mention anything about fixing the lack of sleep data recording that OnePlus told the members of the media would arrive in mid-April.

Always-on display

OnePlus will add always-on display mode, a 12-hour watchface, and more to its smartwatch in the future. The news came right after OnePlus announced the Watch's first software update after its release, which OnePlus says is starting to roll out.

This release aims to fix the issues that were experienced by users, especially with heart rate and activity tracking, according to The Verge.

The lack of an always-on display on the OnePlus Watch was the reason why the device was panned by critics, according to Android Police.

Now that the always-on display update was announced, it is definitely what the users are highly anticipating.

While that feature alone will not make the device a great smartwatch overall, it will make it more useful as a timepiece. But it will be interesting to see how always having the screen on effects the OnePlus Watch's almost two-week-long battery life.

Some of the other planned improvements include giving the user the ability to control their Android phone's camera, new languages and enabling all the workout modes, which is about 110. OnePlus is also preparing the AI watch face.

OnePlus did not give an exact time frame as to when these updates will come out. But when they do, they will improve the smartwatch significantly as the current update focuses more on fixing the Watch's existing bugs than adding features.

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