Apple has been threatened with a public leak by a group of hackers that claimed to have stolen files using a ransomware attack against a Taiwanese company known to be its manufacturer. The hackers have been known to extorting Apple for money, in exchange for the leak not going public and showing the world of different plans of the company.

Steve Jobs Kicks Off Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference
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Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivers the keynote address at the 2004 Worldwide Developers Conference June 28, 2004 in San Francisco, California. Jobs announced the 2005 release of OSX Tiger and a new line of flat panel cinema displays including the first 30-inch model designed for the personal computer.

The Cupertino giant has not been the center of recent attacks from the different threat actors out there, as most were focused on MicrosoftWhatsApp, and Facebook. However, Apple remains impenetrable from attacks as these hackers have not attempted to steal from the company, but it does not mean that there can be no backdoor entries to them.

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Apple Ransomware Attack Against Manufacturer

WAPDropper Malware
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WAPDropper Malware

According to NBC News, Apple's partner from Taiwan called "Quanta" has been the recent focus and victim of this attack, which has resulted in gathering sensitive information that was not disclosed by the company. Quanta is known for manufacturing computer products and has been Apple's partner for products such as the Mac Pro. 

While the iMac Pro was discontinued last March 2021, the company is still a valuable asset for Apple, which could have files for transactions and future ventures between them and the manufacturer. Additionally, Quanta may have renders or designs from Apple which are slated to be released soon but have not yet been revealed by the company. 

Apple staying quiet on this incident gives the public no knowledge of whether the company's leak and ransomware attack are serious, as the threat actors' obtained files yet remain unknown. The ransom letter was published via a blog on the dark web, which has been detailing what they have against Apple and wants to be compensated to prevent leaks. 

Ransomware the Main Focus of the Government

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple was attacked by ransomware amidst this period where the administration is focusing on combating extortion threats and hacks that demand from its victims. The government is well aware of the different ransomware attacks that have been launched in 2020, amidst the time of the pandemic.

Additionally, the 2020 pandemic has caused people to heavily rely on putting everything online, and the power of the threat actors over this is immense, as they can take from whoever they want. Ransomware has become more apparent, as well as malware and phishing scams that have threatened the safety of people and corporations. 

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