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(Photo : Getty Images) DETROIT - MAY 25: Microsoft signage at the Meridian Building (formerly CompuWare) in Detroit, Michigan on May 25, 2018. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Google vs. Microsoft, who is the big tech company that earned the most during this Q1 of 2021 that is still plagued by the pandemic? During these moments, people think that these companies are doing poorly, but Google and Microsoft have proven them wrong, especially as they top the market for the top earners in terms of earnings and revenue.

While Google and Microsoft have been long-time rivals for the technological landscape of the country and the world, these companies are neck and neck against each other in performance. The biggest takeaway from this is that the world is still under the mercy of these "Big Tech" companies in terms of the services and technology needed.

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down most of the industries and prevented people from having a face-to-face setup, hence observing remote work where the apps of Google and Microsoft are used. They are among the big tech companies that have provided service during this pandemic, making it possible to continue the different aspects of life and business. 

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Google Q1 2021 Earnings

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Google company court case ruling

Google has recently released its Q1 2021 Financial Report, and it has been one of the most talked-about reviews for this month, especially as the Mountain View giant posted massive gains and earnings. Despite the many controversies and antitrust issues with Apple, the internet company has still fared well during these times.

According to Bloomberg (via MSN), Google has accumulated a massive $45.6 billion in valuation this first quarter, which was more than Wall Street estimates and has exceeded expectations of the company. Google's parent company, Alphabet, also shown the same increase, having improved 4 percent better in the company's stock trading. 

In total, Alphabet Google earned $17.9 billion, bordering at $26.29 per share in its current market standing. 

Microsoft Q1 2021 Earnings

microsoft signage
(Photo : Getty Images)
DETROIT - MAY 25: Microsoft signage at the Meridian Building (formerly CompuWare) in Detroit, Michigan on May 25, 2018. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

On the other hand, another big tech enters the scene, and that is a software company, Microsoft, which have also reported other big earnings for this first quarter, which was more than the expected growth of analysts. According to Microsoft, Fiscal Year 2021 for the Q1 has resulted in a 12 percent growth, which was more than $4.1 billion in revenue. 

In total, Microsoft's total valuation is now at $41.7 billion, compared to the company's expectation of $41.05 billion only. Moreover, the company's total valuation has risen to a massive increase, which was unexpected during this time. Currently, Microsoft is at $2.07 per share in the stock market.

Google vs. Microsoft: Who is the Top Earner of 2021?

Google has earned its revenue because of advertisements and search of people who are all looking at travel and lifestyle searches, as the public wants to have an escape after the pandemic. On the other hand, Microsoft's increase is due to its Office 365 and cloud applications that are used mostly among corporations for the home setup. 

While earnings are close and tight, Google is the top earner during the year's first quarter, and the internet company is up to a good start. 

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